Xiao Haircut

Xiao is a character from a Chinese anime game that many people love. The game is full of exciting action, and Xiao’s character in the game is mainly recognized for his hairstyle.

Xiao Haircut

Xiao has blue hair in the crown area with a hair color transitioning to black. This is an incredibly distinguishing hairstyle among all other characters in the game and makes Xiao look extremely charming and heroic.

Xiao’s hairstyle has gained much attention from players of the game and many others who are interested in Anime culture.

Who Is Xiao?

The main character of Genshin Impact is Xiao, a member of the Fire Dragon Clan. He is an orphan who was raised by a traveling mercenary troop and frequently drifts around the world in search of adventure.

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Xiao’s weapon of choice is a dual-wielding pair of axes, and he can also use magic elements such as fire, lightning, and ice to defeat his enemies.

Look Inspired by Xiao

Xiao is a swashbuckling hero who uses elemental magic to defeat monsters in the game. The game’s open-world environment allows players to explore environments and solve quests at their own pace. Players can use Xiao’s magic powers or other characters’ unique abilities to overcome challenges.

In Genshin Impact, players can explore a large open world and engage in combat with various enemies using elemental magic and weapon switching. The game is monetized through gacha mechanics.

Xiao’s Haircut

When Xiao, the protagonist of the manga Genshin Impact, receives a haircut in chapter six, the hairstyle he receives has gone on to influence many young people. The haircut began as blue hair that transitioned into black hair in the crown area.

Xiao Haircut
Model of Xiao Hairstyle

The blue section begins about one-third of the way down his head. The haircut was inspired by a hairstyle known as a “pompadour,” which is cut from the crown and angles outward to the temples and back of the head.

The pompadour is popular with young men because it gives off a feeling of power. In addition to the pompadour, Xiao also wears his hair long in front to cover his forehead and eyes.

This hairstyle is called a curtain bang and was originally intended for women because it was thought to make them appear more youthful or innocent.

Xiao Haircut

However, Xiao has grown his out enough that it does not cover his eyes anymore and can only be used for style purposes at this point.

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Xiao’s hairstyle was so popular among young people after the release of Genshin Impact that many boys were trying to recreate Xiao’s haircut by getting their hair dyed blue and adding black around their crowns.

How to get Xiao’s Haircut?

Getting Xiao’s haircut is not as hard as you might think. First, you have to make sure Xiao’s hair is wet. You don’t want to cut her bangs on dry hair because dry hair is like a pencil eraser and will just rub off the ends of your bangs before you can even get the scissors out.

Xiao Haircut

The first thing you need to do is pick up some scissors and section off the front part of her hair, from her forehead to her chin. Now grab some blue dye, and put it in front of where you’re going to cut. You’ll be able to see where your scissors are going to go, so you know how much hair to use for the bangs.

Next, set up a fan on a low setting directly in front of Xiao and then cut the front bangs. Do that by holding the scissors parallel with your arm bent at a 90-degree angle with the scissors in your hand.

Look Inspired by Xiao

Then start cutting at the top of her forehead by moving the scissors towards one another toward the end of her bangs. Hold them there for 10 seconds or so, then move them back up again once you get to the end.


Xiao’s haircut is very trendy and perfect for guys who want a stylish new look. There are no special products needed after to maintain this hairstyle.

The Xiao’s haircut will keep your hair healthy and strong. You need only brush your hair every day along with the Xiao’s haircut, and you are ready to go out in style.

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