Jay Jo Haircut

Who is Jay Jo?

Jay jo is the main character in the Web animated series windbreaker. He is also called Jo Ja-Hyun.

Jay Jo haircut

He is a 16-year old high school student who loves biking. He is 178 cm tall. He appeared with a mullet hairstyle which also became his trademark among the people.

Jay jo attends school in dark trousers, a white shirt, and a red blazer. He also wears the same type of clothes when he is off-duty. He also uses casual wear such as t-shirts and hoodies.

Jay Jo haircut

Jay Jo is a little introvert initially; he doesn’t have many friends. Later, he made some friends and started to care for his friends. This led him to become more outgoing and extroverted. He also became more confident in himself because of the success of his work with others.

Jay Jo mullet in real life

Over time, Jay’s personality changed, as he became more open with his friends.

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The Story:

Wind Breaker begins with Jay Jo and his friends having a bike race on top of an abandoned building in Seoul, South Korea. They are seen speeding down streets which is illegal and crashing into vehicles before being caught by police officers for “illegally racing.”

Jay Jo Haircut
Jay Jo hairstyle

Jay Jo was born and raised in Incheon, South Korea. He has two older sisters who are both married with children of their own that he hasn’t seen yet. His father is an architect and his mother is a housewife.

When Jay turns 16 years old, he begins high school at Hanlim Arts High School which also happens to be the school he and his friends attend.

Jay Jo haircut

His best friend is Chul Hee but they do not have a close relationship with each other yet as of chapter 33. Jay Jo also has an acquaintance named Kim Hae-Ran which ends after she makes fun of him for being from Incheon and having long hair, so he retaliates by cutting it.

Jay Jo and Shelly Scott:

Jay Jo and Shelly Scott
 Jay Jo and Shelly Scott

The female protagonist of the webtoon, Shelly Scott, caught JayJo’s eye at the start of the story and after progressing through it they developed a mutual crush. As of chapter 378, they are now in a relationship. She is also the only member on the team Hummingbird that is female.

Jay Jo Bike

Jay Jo has a carbon fiber bike it is a notable variation of the Colnago 496 model is the machine is designed for a velodrome environment, not roads. Changing from velodrome to roads is a requirement to bring the story onward. The conversion starts at around $8000 and goes higher with optional customizations.

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Jay Jo Haircut

In the Web animated series Windbreaker, Jay Jo has a mullet haircut. His hair is styled into the short back and long front that combines with his trademark red blazer. He got his haircut on Part 3 of episode 77. Jay Jo’s haircut is also called the Jay Jo windbreaker haircut.

Jay’s hairstyle became so popular among people of different ages which had led it to be called Mullet Haircut or also known as The Jerry Curl Cut.

The original mullet haircut was popularized in the 1980s and it is usually seen on rock or metal bands. It became more common during this time among youth who wanted to be rebellious.

Jay Jo haircut

Eventually, as fashion trends shifted away from that style, many people saw mullet hair cut as a dated trend. Jay Jo’s Mullet Haircut led to a revival of the trend with this fashion.

The mullet hairstyle is now popular among celebrities such as Justin Bieber, Beyoncé and more.

How to get Jay Jo haircut?

Jay Jo is having a Mullet Haircut and in order to get this haircut, you need a hairdresser or stylist who knows how to cut the mullet hairstyle.

How to get Jay Jo haircut

In reality, Jay’s Mullet Haircut can be done in two ways: with short hair on top and long hair on the back or with long hair over short.

Most hairdressers use this haircut to achieve a layered curly look that is easy and quick for styling. It can also be done in different colors such as blonde, brown, red, black, etc. The only disadvantage of getting Jay Jo’s Mullet Haircut is that it requires ongoing hair care.

Jay Jo hairstyle

It takes time for people to get used to the style of a haircut but it is worth a try as long as you are committed to keeping your look neat and tidy.

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To Wrap up: Jay Jo’s Mullet Haircut is one of the most popular hairstyles among celebrities and it has been seen in many movies. The haircut was made famous by Jay from Wind Breaker, a web animated series about bike racing teens. Most people can get this look done at their local salon or stylist for an affordable price as long as they are committed to keeping up with the hair care routine. It may take time for others to adjust but once you do, there will be no reason not to rock your new style with pride!

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