Db Trunks Hairstyle

Trunk is a fictional character in the Dragon Ball series. He and his family are minor characters in the series but were featured more prominently in Dragon Ball Z.

Db Trunks Hairstyle

His hairstyle was created to be unique, so it’s no surprise that people recreate this look on their hair. The hair is a combination of straight and long, with the hair being long in the front and back and very small on the sides.

Who is Trunks?

Trunk is a character from the Japanese manga series Dragon Ball, which was serialized in Weekly Shōnen Jump from 1984 to 1995. Akira Toriyama wrote and illustrated the manga.

It was localized for English-language release by Viz Media as Dragon Ball, with the 131 chapters collected into 12 tankōbon volumes by 2002.

Trunks was an extremely powerful warrior, perhaps the most powerful character in the series besides Goku and Vegeta. Trunks was a human-Majin hybrid, with his father being Vegeta and his mother, Bulma.

The character first appears at the end of the Emperor Pilaf Saga of the manga and anime, when he travels from the future to warn Goku about the upcoming Android threat.

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He later joins Goku’s family and friends for lunch, during which Trunks’ sword accidentally cuts his mother’s hair, leading him to explain how he came to acquire it.

The character then trains with Goku for three years in preparation for the arrival of the Androids before traveling back in time a year into the past to face them again. The episodes featuring Trunk is referred to as part of “Trunks Saga”.

Db’z Trunks Haircut

Trunks have the Curtained hairstyle, long-haired in the front separated into a middle or side parting, with short (or shaved) sides and back. In this hairstyle, Trunks wears his hair longer in front than he does at the sides and back.

Db Trunks Hairstyle

The Curtained hairstyle is a popular style among men with long hair in the front and short sides and back. It’s parted to either one side or the middle, with the hair in the front cut longer than that on the sides and back. It can be worn as long as it’s not slicked back or styled too tightly.

How to get Db’z Trunks Hairstyle?

If you wish to achieve the same hair tone as Dbz Trunks, first demonstrate where your part should be placed. For a curtain hairstyle, the part should be located in the center of your head.

Next, use some gel or wax to keep your hair slicked back and in place. This will help create a defined look for your style and also make it easier to mold.

After that, you’ll need to find an appropriate length of hair extensions to add volume and length to your haircut. If you’re not sure how long they should be, use a tape measure to determine how long they should be.

Db Trunks Hairstyle

After you have found the appropriate extensions, you can begin applying them by clipping them onto the back of your head and then flipping them over towards your face.

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This is what creates the appearance of a curtain of hair falling down behind you. Finally, finish up with some wax or gel applied evenly.


A curtain hairstyle is a perfect hairstyle for anyone that likes to keep things simple. The short layers in the front are designed to blend into the sides and the back, creating a more unified look while also providing you with plenty of versatility.

This style also requires minimal maintenance so that you can focus your time and energy on more important things.

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