Levi Ackerman Haircut

It’s been a long time coming, but the Levi Ackerman haircut is finally here. This new hairstyle was created in honor of Attack on Titan Season 2, which was premiered in April 2017. If you’re looking for something trendy to get your hair cut into, this may be it! In this blog post, we’ll go over all the details about what you can expect from our newest lineup of haircare as well as give you a tutorial on how to style your hair with this haircut so that you can have perfect locks just like Levi Ackerman himself!

levi ackerman haircut

Who is Levi Ackerman?

Levi Ackerman is a fictional character in the manga and anime series Attack on Titan. His personality has been described as “Stoic, cold, calculating” by author Hajime Isayama. He was one with short black hair. He is a fictional character that’s become iconic in recent years, but he has roots back to 18th century Prussia where his father served as an esteemed Police Chief. He is commonly referred to as “Captain Levi”, and is the most prominent soldier in humanity’s battle against Titans.

Captain Levi haircut

Levi was one of the most prominent characters throughout the first season; he had appeared in all episodes except for Episode 44 (due to his absence) and 42-43 (due to him being removed from duty following Eren’s titan form rampage). Read more about Levi Ackerman here.

levi ackerman animie character
levi ackerman haircut in real

Yes! This hairstyle is very trendy right now, with many people getting these haircuts done at their local salon or barbershop.

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What is Levi Ackerman Haircut’s name?

levi ackerman haircut name

The name for this style is called “Levi.” The new haircut is modeled after Levi Ackerman’s iconic hairstyle in the anime Attack on Titan. It looks like the bow cut. It features a short undercut with long and wild bangs teased up at the front of your head, just as you would see him wearing his hair throughout Season One of the series.

Levi undercut

Levi Ackerman haircut back

We know you’re excited to see what this new haircut looks like, but first, let’s answer a few questions about the back of Levi Ackerman Haircut. The back is cut into an army-style buzz with a fringe that falls past your eyebrows and curls under the chin.

levi ackerman short hair

To style it as he does in Season One, simply take some hair gel or styling cream and work through wet locks until they are styled just as you want them! You can also use wax for extra texture if desired. To create more volume on top of your head, tease up bangs using fingers or teasing brush, then comb all strands outwards from there. Lastly, apply hairspray sparingly so that only outer layers will be protected against humidity and sweat.

Levi Ackerman undercut

To get Levi Ackerman’s haircut, we use a clipper with an attachable guard that is set to trim at zero length. This will give you the desired undercut without any hassle! You can also use scissors for this hairstyle as well if preferred. To style, take some hair gel and work through your wet locks until they are styled just as you want them. If needed tease up bangs using fingers or teasing brush then comb all strands outwards from there.

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Levi haircut in real life

Levi haircut undercut real life
Levi haircut in real life pictures

We know that you’re really into anime and manga, so we wanted to share some pictures of this hairstyle in real life. We think it’s a beautiful look for both men and women!

Also check the famous YouTube gamer Markiplier’s haircut for more haircut ideas!!

To Wrap up: If you’re looking for a trendy hairstyle that’s also in line with one of your favorite anime characters then this may just be it! Not sure what to do with your hair if you get this cut? Note: If you want to get a Levi Ackerman haircut, it is important that you take care of your hair. You can start by washing and conditioning your hair at least once or twice a week with shampoo and conditioner from our salon if we have any in stock.

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