Trae Young Haircut

Trae Young is a professional basketball player, who plays point guard for the Dallas Mavericks. He was selected with the fifth overall pick in the 2018 NBA draft by Atlanta Hawks, after spending one season at Oklahoma where he became the first freshman in NCAA history to lead NCAA Men’s Basketball in scoring with 27 points per game. Trae Young’s haircut is called the lollipop haircut.

Trae Young Career

T Trae Young was born in Norman, Oklahoma. His dad is named Randy Young, and he named Trae after him. Young played college basketball at the University of Oklahoma and was drafted by the Atlanta Hawks in the 2018 NBA Draft. As an NBA player, Trae has been named to both the All-Rookie First Team and All-Defense Second Team.

Young grew up playing basketball at Oklahoma’s Norman High School, where he led his team to three state championships while earning USA Today Player of the Year honors. In 2017, he led his team to a fourth straight state title and earned McDonald’s All American honors. Trae committed to play college basketball at Oklahoma on August 29th, 2016 before signing with Nike as an early signee in November 2016.

In January 2018 Trae became the first freshman since Greg Oden in 2006-2007 to be named Big 12 Player of the Week two weeks in a row after averaging 29 points per game while shooting 52% from three-point range over two games against UCLA and TCU (2/1 & 2/4). During that span, Trae also scored 30+ points for four straight games including 33 against TCU (2/4). The streak ended when Texas Tech held him to just 13 points on 3-15 shooting.

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Trae Young lollipop haircut

Trae Young has a lollipop haircut.

Young’s haircut is in the style of a lollipop, which is short in the front, long on the sides and back, and has some length on top. The lollipop hair is often seen with fringe and bangs.

The lollipop haircut is a popular celebrity hairstyle for men because it’s easy to style and looks good on almost any face shape and hair type.

Trae Young Haircut name

The Trae Young haircut is a high fade, hair shaved on the sides and back while leaving some length on top. The Lollipop haircut is a longer version of this style. The Trae Young haircut is named for the Atlanta Hawks star point guard who has sported this look during his rookie season.

Young is one of the most exciting players in the NBA, and his hairstyle is just as dynamic. He’s been rocking this look since high school and has kept it ever since.

The Trae Young haircut is a versatile style that can be worn with both short and long hair. The high fade allows for versatility when styling your hair, as you can choose to wear it messy or slicked back depending on how much time you have.

As long as you have enough length on top to pull into a ponytail or man bun, you can wear this style no matter what length your hair is.

How to get the Trae Young Haircut?

The Trae Young haircut is a great style for guys with fine hair and medium length. It’s a great option if you want to add some edge to your look but don’t want anything too dramatic.

The cut has a bit of length on top with enough height around the crown to keep things from looking too flat. The sides are tapered in an asymmetrical manner that tapers down into short clipper cuts at the neckline and nape area.

The Trae Young haircut can be styled in lots of different ways depending on how much texture you want in your hair, but it always looks good when left natural and not overly styled with product or gel.

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The lollipop haircut is a unique hairstyle that gives your locks some serious volume and a lot of lengths. This haircut is also great for people with thick hair.

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