Ian Somerhalder’s Hairstyles

The man with the most beautiful hair in Hollywood, Ian Somerhalder has been a heartthrob since his days on ‘The Vampire Diaries’. But let’s face it: he’s got some seriously good hair. What are his different hairstyles? What is the best way to achieve them? Let’s find out first who Ian Somerhalder is!

Ian Somerhalder is an American actor, model and director best known for his role as Damon Salvatore on The CW’s supernatural drama The Vampire Diaries. He has also appeared in several films including The Rules of Attraction (2002), Tiptoes (2003), The Last Kiss (2006), Rules of Attraction (2002) and Life as We Know It (2010).

His big break came when he landed the part of Damon Salvatore in The Vampire Diaries. He went on to be nominated for several awards for this role, including a People’s Choice Award and a Teen Choice Award.

Not only that he was known as an actor. Ian Somerhalder always manages to pull off any hairstyle he chooses, we think his recent look of choice—a close-shaved fade on the sides with longer hair on top—is one of his best yet. He looks like a rock star and makes us want to get our shears out! Now to know more about the hairstyles, this article will give you the overview of his hairdo.

Top 7 Recommended Ian Somerhalder’s Hairstyles

Ian Somerhalder is a professional model and actor. He has been in many TV shows and movies. He is best known for his role in Vampire Diaries. The hairstyle that he uses for the show is very different from what he uses when he is out of the show. He has a lot of hair styles which you can use to style your hair. In this article, we will look at the top 7 recommended Ian Somerhalder’s hairstyles that you can try out today.

#1 – Medium Length Messy Hairstyle

Medium Length Ian Somerhalder's Hairstyles
Image Credit: Instagram @iansomerhalder

What I love the most about Ian Somerhalder is his messy hair! I bet you also love to have this next hairstyle. This Ian Somerhalder’s medium length messy hairstyle has a lot going on, which is why we love it. The first thing you’ll notice is that his hair is long enough to be considered medium length, but not so long that he can’t keep it looking like he just rolled out of bed. The second thing you’ll notice is that it’s messy — but not too messy. We think this is one of the best hairstyles because it’s easy and versatile.

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When you’re styling a medium length messy hairstyle, start with a good conditioning treatment. It will help keep your hair healthy and strong while you style it. Next, use a bit of wax or pomade on the ends of your hair. This will help hold them in place without weighing them down too much.

Messy Ian Somerhalder's Hairstyles
Image Credit: Instagram @iansomerhalder

Then, use a curling iron to curl your hair around the barrel of the iron, from root to tip. You can also use hot rollers to achieve this look if you prefer them over curling irons. Once this is done, scrunch in some texturizing spray on top of your head to give it some texture and volume (this will also help hold everything else in place). Finally, finger-comb through all of your hair until it looks messy and tousled but still styled well enough that you wouldn’t mind being seen in public with it!

#2 – Just Woke Up Bedhead Hairstyle

Best Ian Somerhalder's Hairstyles
Image Credit: Instagram @iansomerhalder

Does it ever cross your mind that there’s a just woke up hairstyle for men? The next hairstyle we’re going to introduce is this Ian Somerhalder bedhead hairstyle which we think is what you need! This hairstyle is characterized by the long, smooth waves framing Ian Somerhalder’s face. The waves are often loose and airy, but they can also be tight and defined. The hair looks natural and effortless, but it takes a lot of time and skill to achieve this look.

You can achieve this look by using a wide-toothed comb as you wash and condition your hair, then blow drying it with a round brush until it’s almost dry. Once it’s mostly dry, use your hands to run through your hair and create the bedhead look.

Top Ian Somerhalder's Hairstyles
Image Credit: Instagram @iansomerhalder

To create this, the hair is parted down the middle with one side swept over to one side of the head and the other swept to the other side, giving this hairstyle plenty of height. The hair is then styled with a little product so that it stays in place but doesn’t look too perfect. You can also use a texturizing spray or wax to add some grit to the style. 

#3 – Stylish Angular Fringe Hairstyle

Most Popular Ian Somerhalder's Hairstyles
Image Credit: Instagram @iansomerhaldher

Want to get a Damon Salvatore hairstyle? This next hairstyle which is called an Ian Somerhalder Angular Fringe Hairstyle is a cool, modern look that’s perfect for the man who wants to stand out in a crowd. This angular fringe is a hairstyle that is characterized by short, angled bangs. It’s a great choice if you’re looking for something different and edgy. 

The first step in making this hairstyle is to wash your hair with a shampoo that will make it easier for you to comb through the strands later on. Once this has been done, use a blow dryer on a low setting and dry the top portion of your hair until it is completely dry.

Once your hair has dried completely, use an elastic band to pull back your bangs into a ponytail as close as possible before securing them into place with bobby pins or grips. Now cut off all of the other strands that are not part of the ponytail above that elastic band with scissors or clippers (depending on if you prefer one over the other).

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Next, take out some gel or mousse from your bathroom drawer and apply it generously throughout all of your hair except for the top section where you have already pulled back your bangs into a ponytail. Then comb through those strands carefully until they are smooth and flat against your head (you may need someone else’s help with this part).Finally, add some hairspray over all of those freshly-combed strands in order to set them up for styling purposes later down the road!

#4 – Wavy Fringe Bangs Hairstyle

Most Recommended Ian Somerhalder's Hairstyles
Image Credit: Instagram @iansomerhalder

I often dream of becoming a model who have a good hairstyle and to inspire others that’s why this Ian Somerhalder’s wavy fringe bangs hairstyle is one of the most iconic looks which we want you to emulate.Somerhalder has been a style icon for years, but his wavy fringe bangs is especially memorable because it’s so distinct and easy to replicate. The look draws attention to the eyes and cheekbones in a way that makes the wearer look youthful and vibrant.

To achieve this look, first, wash and condition your hair as you normally would. Then, apply some styling product to keep the look from falling flat throughout the day. Next, blow dry using a round brush to smooth out any frizziness.

Famous Ian Somerhalder's Hairstyles
Image Credit: Instagram @iansomerhalder

Once that’s done, use a curling iron or wand to create soft waves in your hair. Towel dry the rest of the moisture away (but don’t rub too vigorously), then set those waves with hairspray.Finally, pull some strands from each side of your face over your forehead and tuck them behind your ears (you’ll want these pieces to be thinner than the rest). Using bobby pins or clips, secure these strands into place so they stay put throughout the day.

#5 – Neat Short Hairstyle 

Neat Short Ian Somerhalder's Hairstyles
Image Credit: Instagram @iansomerhaldher

If others want to have a messy hairstyle like Ian Somerhalder, this next hairstyle is for those who are looking for a neat short hairstyle. For Ian Somerhalder role in the movie ‘The Vampire Diaries’, his Neat Short Hairstyle is a great choice. The hair is short and neat, with the sides and back cut close to the head and the top left long enough to be styled productively. The hair is shaped into a side parting, with a small amount of gel applied to keep it in place.

Neat short hairstyle can be created by following some easy steps. The first step is to wash your hair and dry it completely. Then use a comb or brush to comb your hair into place. Next, take a pair of scissors and cut horizontally across the top of your head, starting at one ear and going down to the other. 

Unique Ian Somerhalder's Hairstyles
Image Credit: Instagram @iansomerhaldher

Then take another pair of scissors and cut vertically across the top of your head, starting at one ear and going down to the right side of your forehead. Next, take a comb or brush and comb out all of the pieces that you just cut off until they have been smoothed down into place. This will create a neat short hairstyle for you!

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#6 – Unique Short Faux Hawk 

Faux Hawk Ian Somerhalder's Hairstyles
Image Credit: Instagram @iansomerhalder

I often wonder what a Short Faux Hawk would look like when I saw Ian Somerhalder’s hairstyle and I think this one should be included in the list because of its unique look. Somerhalder has a unique look with his faux hawk because he has shaved his sides and kept his hair long on top, which gives him more volume than most other versions of this hairstyle. 

This gives him an extra edge over other men who wear this style because it makes him stand out from others in his profession as well as give him an edgy look that’s perfect for someone who plays bad boys on TV!

To style a short faux hawk, start by washing your hair with shampoo and conditioner. Then blow dry your hair using a brush attachment on your blow dryer or by wrapping it in a towel and drying it in front of a fan or heater so that the heat can help dry it faster. 

Next brush through the tangles from brushing with conditioner in them until there are no more tangles left in your hair then use styling gel or pomade and apply it evenly throughout your entire head then comb through with a wide-tooth comb making sure there aren’t any clumps left behind because this will make them stick out more when styling it up into place.

#7 – Sophisticated Short Layered Hairstyle

Layered Ian Somerhalder's Hairstyles
Image Credit: Instagram @iansomerhaldher

Now we’re down to the last hairstyle of Ian Somerhalder that you should try! This short, layered hairstyle of Ian Somerhalder is a great option for guys who want to look stylish and well-groomed. The layered cut gives this cut a more modern feel than traditional styles, while still being able to be maintained easily with regular trims.The hair is cut in a square-like shape, giving it an edgy appeal that’s perfect for any guy. The back and sides are cut short, while the top layer is left longer and styled forward.

First, use a comb to part the hair into two sections. Then, use your fingers to lightly comb the sections in opposite directions. This will help prevent you from accidentally cutting any of the layers while they’re still attached to one another.

Sophisticated Ian Somerhalder's Hairstyles
Image Credit: Instagram @iansomerhaldher

Now, using your scissors, begin by cutting off any split ends. Then, move on to cutting the layers. As you do this, keep in mind that you want each layer to be slightly longer than the last one so that they don’t look choppy or uneven when they’re all put back together again at the end.

Once you’ve finished trimming each layer individually, take a step back and examine them all together before making any final adjustments—you may need some more length here or there to have the final look!

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