Peaky Blinders Haircut Tutorial

Have you ever watched the TV show Peaky Blinders? It’s about a gang of criminals in Birmingham, England, who were called “Peaky Blinders” because they sewed razor blades into their caps.

Peaky Blinders is a British historical crime drama series based on the exploits of the Peaky Blinders gang. The show takes place in post-World War I Birmingham, England, and follows the exploits of the gang as they try to make their way in the world, while also dealing with external threats from rival gangs and the police.

The story follows the Peaky Blinders gang, who sew razor blades into the peaks of their caps and use said caps as weapons to fight off attackers. The show was first broadcast on BBC Two on September 15th, 2013 and has since earned acclaim from critics and fans alike. It’s been nominated for two BAFTAs, three Royal Television Society awards and the 2014 International Emmy Award for Best Drama Series.

As you probably know, Peaky Blinders is known for its incredible costumes and hairstyles. The characters’ hair looks like it’s straight out of the 1920s, but with a modern twist. It’s sleek, clean-cut, and stylish—and it can be yours!

The show has been critically acclaimed for its compelling story and characters, but it’s also known for its stunning hairstyles and fashion. If you’ve ever wondered how to get Peaky Blinders hair like Tommy Shelby or Aunt Polly, then this guide is for you!

Top 6 Amazing Peaky Blinders Hairstyles

From the bold and the beautiful to the downright dangerous, Peaky Blinders has some of the most creative hairstyles we’ve ever seen. And they’re not just for looks—they’re an integral part of the show’s plot.

In this section, we’ll take a look at our top 6 favorite Peaky Blinders hairstyles. If you’re looking for a new haircut or maybe just want to try something different with your current style, these will give you some inspiration. 

#1 – Thomas Shelby Texturized and Cropped Undercut

Best Peaky Blinders Hairstyles
Image Credit: Instagram @tommyshelbyoriginal

This is a Thomas Shelby haircut. It’s a short back and sides with a cropped undercut. This cut is perfect for guys who want to look like they’re in an edgy gangster movie. The look is characterized by short sides and back (about 1/4 inch), with a longer top that is usually cropped close to the scalp. Shelby sports layers and a natural wave in the top of his head. A short fringe that sweeps over his forehead is the result of his forward-swept and side-swept hairstyle.

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To have this hairstyle, start with a clean, dry, and well-trimmed head. Then, use a 1-inch clipper guard to start your fade from the back of the head. Make sure to evenly space out the guards as you go up towards the crown or top of the head.Once you have reached the top of your head and have removed all hair from there down to about where your ears would be, use scissors to texturize the hair by cutting it in different directions. 

Famous Peaky Blinders Hairstyles
Image Credit: Instagram @tommyshelbyoriginal

You can also use a razor if you are comfortable doing so, but make sure that you do not shave too much off at one time so that you don’t end up with bald spots or uneven lines throughout your cut. Once you’ve finished texturizing, use clippers again (at this point they should be set on and start fading into those texturized areas by slowly going over them in different directions until they blend together seamlessly with each other (and then repeat this step if necessary).

#2 – Arthur Shelby Disconnected Undercut with Slicked Back

Arthur Shelby Peaky Blinders Hairstyles
Image Credit: Instagram @arthurshelby46

The Arthur Shelby Disconnected Undercut with Slicked Back Hair on top is a hairstyle that’s perfect for guys who want to show off their natural texture. This look involves shaving the sides of your head and leaving a long patch of hair in the back. You can then slick your hair back with a pomade or wax for an extra-slick look.The hair is tapered around the ears and neckline to create a sharp and clean look.The undercut provides a bit of length, and the slicked back hair adds volume and texture to the top of the head.

To create this look, all you need is some slicked back hair on top and a disconnected undercut below. The key is to make sure that the sides are clipped up, so you can see just how much length you have underneath. You can do this with any length of hair, but it looks best with medium-length hair or longer.

Slicked Back Peaky Blinders Hairstyles
Image Credit: Instagram @arthurshelby46

First things first: get some clippers and start shaving off your hair! We suggest keeping the top as long or longer than the sides—so if your sideburns extend down past your jawline, keep them there. Next up is styling products. We recommend using pomade or wax to slick back your hair into a nice pompadour shape (or whatever style works for you). Apply it liberally and comb through with a wide-tooth comb to make sure everything stays in place.

#3 – John Shelby Short Disconnected Undercut

John Shelby Peaky Blinders Hairstyles
Image Credit: Instagram @jhonshelby_

The John Shelby Short Disconnected Undercut is a very popular hairstyle right now. This haircut is short on the sides and back, and long on top. The hair on top is slicked back with a brush or comb. This style is great for men who have short hair, but want to look like they have more length than they actually do. This particular cut has a disconnected top and sides, meaning that there are no lines in the hair where one section begins and another ends. The top part of the head is left longer, while the sides are shorter. This gives it an extra-cool edge, making it ideal for those who like to be different from everyone else!

Disconnected Undercut Peaky Blinders Hairstyles
Image Credit: Instagram @johnshelbyus

To have this look, cut your hair into a high fade (an undercut with long, disconnected sides). Connect the side to the back of your head by using a comb or brush to pull it through slowly, working from the front to the back of your head. Then, cut off the excess hair at the crown of your head and blend it in with the rest of your hair so that it looks seamless. Finally, use a razor to shave off any remaining strays that might be sticking out from under your cut.

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#4 – Michael Gray Neat and Polished Side Parted Hair

Michael Gray Peaky Blinders Hairstyles
Image Credit: Instagram @michael.x_gray

Michael Gray’s side-parted hair is simple and classic. The clean cut lines and neat side parting give his look a polished, professional feel. The dark brown color adds depth and dimension to his style, while the light blonde highlights add a subtle hint of glamor. This style is perfect for anyone who wants to keep it simple and stylish. The sleek side part is easy to achieve and looks great with any outfit.

The side parting style gives you the chance to accessorize your hair with a tie or scarf that can help you express your personality. This style works well with any face shape, so it’s perfect if you’re looking for a new look that will bring out your best features!

Neat Side Parted Peaky Blinders Hairstyles
Image Credit: Instagram @michael.x_gray

To create a side-parted haircut, start by brushing your hair back toward the side you want to clip up. Then use a comb to create a deep part on either side of your head, parallel to your ears.Using thinning shears, cut away any bulk from the top of your head by cutting along the outer edge of your part line. This will also help you achieve a more flattering shape for your face.

Next, use scissors to trim away any hair that hangs down in front of your ears or below the jawline. If you want to add some length at the crown of your head, use a razor blade to trim away any stray hairs that stick out from underneath your parting line before using thinning shears again to remove excess length from around the sides of your head as well as from above each ear (but not too close) so that they remain hidden behind it when worn down).Finally, smooth down any flyaways with a small amount of gel or pomade and then style as desired!

#5 – Alfie Solomons Messy Ivy League Haircut

Image Credit: Instagram@alfie_solomons_official

Alfie Solomons Messy Ivy League Haircut is a style that’s both classic and modern.  It has a messy, tousled look to it, but it’s also very precise and precise. The top of the head is cut short while the sides are left long and tapered down at the back of the head. This haircut works well with any hair texture or length, but it looks best on thick, straight hair. It is a popular style for men who want to look both stylish and approachable. It’s perfect for guys with thick hair who don’t want to commit to a full beard and also want to avoid the greasy look.

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The first step in creating this style is to have your hair cut using the traditional Ivy League technique. This involves cutting the sideburns to a length of about one inch, with the top of the sideburns angled up slightly at their ends. The hair on top should be left long enough to comb back off the forehead, but not long enough to touch your ears. The hair around your ears should also be trimmed back so that it does not extend beyond the frame of your face.

Messy Peaky Blinders Hairstyles
Image Credit: Instagram@alfie_solomons_official

Once you have achieved an Ivy League haircut, you can choose whether or not you want to add some texture or messiness into it by using some product or styling waxes. If you do choose this option, simply apply some product or wax to damp hair before blow-drying it smooth again with a brush or paddle brush.

#6 – Finn Shelby Extreme Undercut

Most Popular Peaky Blinders Hairstyles
Image Credit: Instagram @fin_nshelby

The Finn Shelby Extreme Undercut is a hairstyle that’s been popularized by the actress Finn Shelby. It’s characterized by a very short, very dense hairstyle at the top of the head and a long and loose look at the back, which creates an extreme contrast between the two parts of your hair. This style can be worn by anyone who wants to make a statement with their hair. The undercut is the focal point of this look, with short hair on top and long hair on the back of your head. The sides are shaved down to just above skin level.

Most Recommended Peaky Blinders Hairstyles
Image Credit: Instagram @fin_nshelby

To get this look, start by getting your haircut into an undercut, which means you’ll have some length on top and then it will gradually decrease down to zero at the back of your head. Then ask your stylist to buzz the sides and back of your head very short using a clipper or razor. To add texture to your hair on top, use a round brush and blow dryer to create volume and lift at the roots. You can also use a flat iron or curling iron if you want more curl in your hair.

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