Jhene Aiko Braids

Have you ever wanted a Jhene Aiko Braids hairstyle? Well, we’re here to help. We’ve got a full guide to getting Jhene Aiko braids, from start to finish. But before that let’s try to get to know who Jhene Aiko is.

Jhene Aiko was born on March 16, 1988. She is an American singer who started off by lending voice and making appearances in a number of music videos for the R&B group B2K. Due to a disagreement with management, Aiko’s 2003 debut album My Name Is Jhené, which was scheduled for release through her companies Sony Records and Epic Records, never materialized.

Aiko returned to the music scene in March 2011 with the release of her debut full-length album Sailing Soul (s). Aiko entered into a recording agreement with ARTium, the record label run by American music producer No I.D., on December 16, 2011, through Def Jam Recordings.

Aiko’s third studio album, Chilombo, was released on March 6, 2020. It received three Grammy Award nominations, including Album of the Year.

Top 7 Fabulous Jhene Aiko Braids

Braids are a great way to keep your hair neat and out of your face. They’re also a super-fun way to change up your look on the regular. But there are so many different kinds! How do you choose? We’ve got you covered. Here’s our list of the top 7 Jhene Aiko Braids that are sure to make heads turn:

#1 – Fabulous Classic Box Braids

Best Jhene Aiko Braids
Image Credit: Instagram @jheneaiko

First on the list is this Classic Box Braids that Jhene Aiko is proud to wear because it looks fabulous. The Classic Box Braids are a great addition to her collection of hairstyles. The look is sleek and stylish, and it’s a great option for those who want to keep their hair healthy while still being able to style it in an elegant way. As you can see in the picture, she got square sections of her hair and divided it into individual plaits.The Classic Box Braids are perfect for any occasion, whether she’s going out with friends or taking the kids to school.

To start styling this hairstyle, begin by evenly parting your hair into two sections. If you have natural hair and want to add extensions, now is the time to do that!Take one section and begin braiding it from your forehead down to the base of your neck. Don’t worry if it doesn’t look like much yet—we’ll fix that next!

Fabulous Jhene Aiko Braids
Image Credit: Instagram @jheneaiko

Once you’ve reached the base of your neck with your first braid, grab another section from either side of your head and begin braiding that section in the same way as before (from forehead down). Do this until all of your hair has been divided into three sections: one in front, two behind it on either side (these will be referred to again later).Now we’re going to start building up those long strands at the end of each braid so they look like box braids without having to use an actual box!

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#2 – Gorgeous and Clean Stitch Braids

Gorgeous Jhene Aiko Braids
Image Credit: Instagram @jheneaiko

Let’s go with these next braids. These Jhene Aiko Stitch Braids are a beautiful and intricate style that takes her hair from day to night. The braids are done in a criss-cross pattern, with small sections of hair woven in between each stitch. The result is a braid that looks like it’s been stitched together, but with the softness of natural hair. It’s a great look for any occasion, whether she’s running errands or going out on the town.

To get this look, first wash your hair and condition it. Then, comb out your hair, then part it down the center of your scalp. Divide each side into three sections, and begin to braid them as normal. When you reach the end of each section, tie off that section with an elastic band. Then begin braiding the next section of hair. Keep going until all of your hair is braided in three sections.

Clean Jhene Aiko Braids
Image Credit: Instagram @jheneaiko

After that, separate two sections from the middle one, then pull them through the top of a ponytail holder or elastic band so they come together at the nape of your neck like pigtails with no bangs (or one big “braid” if you wear them without bangs). Pull apart these two sections so they’re even on either side of your head at this point, then repeat for all three sections in order to make sure that each side is even.

#3 – Edgy and Lovely Braided Bun

Lovely Jhene Aiko Braids
Image Credit: Instagram @jheneaiko

Jhene Aiko is best known for her braided buns, which she typically wears to the top of her head. Her hair is usually pulled back into a high ponytail, and then she creates two braids that wrap around each other in the back. She often makes her hair look thicker and fuller. The look is simple and chic, with an added touch of texture thanks to the braid. The bun can be worn high on the head or low, depending on what you prefer.

The first step in creating the Jhene Aiko braided bun is to divide your hair into two sections: one section at the top of your head, and one section at the bottom. Tie them together with an elastic band. Next, brush all of your hair forward so that it hangs down over your face. Secure it in place with bobby pins if necessary. 

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Take the lower section of hair and twist it around itself until it forms a bun shape on top of your head (this will be similar to how you would make a regular braid). Once this is done, take the upper section of hair and wrap it around the center of the lower bun (where there are no gaps between each piece) until they meet each other at their respective ends; this will ensure that they stay secure together when finished braiding together into one unit.

#4 – Sophisticated Updo Braids in a Bun

Updo Jhene Aiko Braids
Image Credit: Instagram @jheneaiko

Jhene Aiko has amazing braids.She wears them in different styles, but her updo braid bun is my favorite.Her hair is usually worn in a topknot, with the ends of her braids hanging down. She’s got a lot of hair, so this style works well for her. It keeps her hair out of her face and doesn’t pull on it too much like a ponytail might.

In this style, she has her braids put into large buns on the top of her head and then they’re pinned in place with bobby pins. You can see that she uses an elastic band under one of the buns to keep everything secure while she modeled it!

To get this look at home, first wash and condition your hair with a deep conditioner before styling. You’ll want to make sure your hair is really soft and smooth before adding any other products to it. 

Sophisticated Jhene Aiko Braids
Image Credit: Instagram @jheneaiko

Then part your hair down the middle, then twist each section into a bun on either side of your head (like you would with pigtails). Then take one piece of hair from each bun and wrap them around each other to form a braid that goes around the top of your head—like Jhene does in her picture! Lastly, finish off by using hairspray or gel to hold everything in place.

#5 – Stylish Box Braids with Curls

Box Jhene Aiko Braids
Image Credit: Instagram @jheneaiko

Jhene Aiko has been known to wear a variety of hairstyles, but one of her favorites is the box braid with curls. This look features a deep side part and a few braids that are braided back into the main section of the hair. Her box braids are perfectly shaped and laid in a way that shows off her face. She has curly strands that frame her face and create a stunning look.The style is short and sleek, but it still has that wow factor that will make everyone around stare and ask where she got her hair done.

Stylish with Curls Jhene Aiko Braids
Image Credit: Instagram @jheneaiko

To style this kind of braids, the first thing you should do is to make sure your hair is clean and dry so that you can add product without any issues.Next, start on one side of your head and separate out each box braid into two sections by parting down the middle of each section and then parting in half again at the end of each section.

Then, take a small amount of curling cream and rub it between your hands before running it through the entire length of each section (about two inches from the tips).After that, wrap each section around its own finger until they’re covered in curls and then pin them up until they cool off completely before removing them from your head!

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#6 – Formal and Stunning Halo Braids

Halo Jhene Aiko Braids
Image Credit: Instagram @jheneaiko

The Jhene Aiko Halo Braids are designed to give a more natural look, with a little bit of elegance. Her braids are made up of small, tight braids that fall around the crown of her head. And her braids are swept back behind her ears, so that they frame her face and provide some volume to her hair. The back is parted on the side, which makes it easy to see how beautiful Jhene’s face really is.

If you want to recreate this look, start by parting your hair in the middle and brushing it out until it’s smooth and tangle-free. Then, take one section of hair from the front and twist it into a rope braid (this will be your “halo” area).

Next, take another section of hair from the back and twist it into a rope braid. This part will be used to create a fishtail braid that hangs down behind your ear on each side of your face (you’ll need two separate parts here). 

Next, take two additional sections from either side of your head (these will be opposite one another), and twist them together into two smaller rope braids–one on each side of your face–to mimic Jhene Aiko’s look! Once all the sections have been twisted together, secure them with an elastic band at the bottom so they don’t unravel during styling.

#7 – Eye Catching Half Up Half Down Mini Braids

Half Up Half Down Micro Jhene Aiko Braids
Image Credit: Instagram @jheneaiko

The looks of this Half Up Half Down Mini Braids of Jhene Aiko is absolutely stunning. The fullness of the braids make this style very eye-catching and attention-grabbing. Her braid is half up and half down, so it has an elegant look to it. Her hair is a little coarse, but not too much so. It’s more like a medium-to-thick texture, which means that it’s just the right amount of texture to look effortlessly chic.

To have this look, first you should divide the hair into two sections. Then take one section and divide it again, creating three sections total. Take one of the strands from each section and braid them together. Repeat this process until you reach the end of your hair. Once you’ve braided all three pieces, tie off each braid with an elastic band. Take all three braids and pull them back into a ponytail at the crown of your head (the center). Tie off with another elastic band and clip any stray hairs in place!

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