Dylan Rieder Haircut

Dylan Rieder was an American professional skateboarder artist and model who lived from May 26, 1988, to October 12, 2016. They had been one of the most widely-followed skateboarders of his time thanks to his effortless style and epic power-charged skateboarding videos.

Dylan Rieder Haircut

Though he is no more, people still are inspired by his hairstyle and try to do the same. He had a curtain with a faded haircut.

Dylan Rieder Career

Dylan Rieder was an American professional skateboarder who also had modeling contracts with Supreme, H&M, and G-Star. He was born in Westminster, California, on May 26, 1988. He died at the age of 28 years old on October 12, 2016.

Dylan Rieder Haircut

Rieder started skating when he was nine years old. He turned Pro at the age of 18 after having a breakout part in Transworld Skateboarding’s 2006 video A Time To Shine. He was called the Skateboard Mag’s Am of the Year in 2006, and he appeared in Supreme’s video “Cherry” in 2014, gaining the Transworld Skateboarding’s award for Best Part.

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Dylan was featured in the Quicksilver Promo video in 2005, before turning Pro, and in 2009, he was a video part in the Alien. His video part for Gravis was released the following year (2010) after the workshop film “Mind Field.” These two videos, as well as the video parts “Cherry” and “A Time to Shine,” were dubbed defining moments in Rolling Stone’s career.

In July 2014, Rieder was diagnosed with leukemia for the first time. Rieder fell away on October 12, 2016, due to leukemia complications.

Dylan Rieder Haircut

Rieder was fond of having long hair with a side-parted curtain. One of the reasons why he was so popular was that he loved to dress his hair long on top and short on the sides.

Curtain With the fade haircut

The curtain hairstyle is a cut and style for men in which the hair on top is left longer and styled with a center part to create the appearance of curtains. The overall look can be altered by changing the length of hair, the thickness of the hair, or the way that it is parted.

Dylan Rieder Haircut

The curtain hairstyle became popular in the 1950s when many young men emulated their favorite movie stars. Over time, it has remained a classic, even though other styles have come in and out of fashion.

Today, the hairstyle is likely to be seen on men who identify with 1950s culture or who want a classic look reminiscent of times past. It can also be seen on men who are interested in looking more formal or professional by changing their hairstyle and switching to curtains instead of a wilder or more modern cut.

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How to get a Curtain fade haircut?

First, run your hair damp under the sink or shower but not dripping wet. Softly clean it with a towel to pull the majority of the water out. Don’t make your hair wet if you get curly hair. Just let your hair dry and curly, just how you would usually dress it.

Second, take a thin tooth comb and section your hair directly down the middle, taking your nose as a guide, for the cut to be even. Even if you don’t need to go to a center part in the future, it will help you as you cut your hair to look for symmetry on both sides.

Third, use scissors that are made for cutting hair to cut into sections of around an inch wide. You may want to cut off more depending on how much length you want. That will help you see what you’re doing better to prevent any mistakes if you want the fade to be really long.


Dylan Rieder Haircut

The curtain fade haircuts have, when combined with the right hair color, is simply stunning and completely breathtaking. If you have long and greasy hair, this may be the style for you. This hairstyle may be just what you need to revive your look from ordinary to stunning, especially if you are searching for something that is different and innovative.

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