Rashford Haircut

Marcus Rashford is an English professional footballer that currently works for Manchester United and the England national team as a forward. There have been media speculations about his hairstyle in light of all that has been happening in his career.

Marcus Rashford seems to rock the afro tapered haircut. The natural Afro haircut allows him to wear the fade cut below, which suites him nicely.

Most people find it inspiring to see how Marcus Rashford used an Afro fade to take a step towards a more modern hairstyle that’s backed up by confidence and personality.

Here is tutorial for a Afro taper haircut by 360Jeezy :

Rashford’s Career

Marcus Rashford began playing football when he was at the age of 5 for Fletcher Moss Rangers, where he first played goalkeeper and idolized former United goalkeeper Tim Howard.

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Rashford, according to Fletcher Ross Rangers academy development officer Dave Horrocks, was on a “different level” than other boys, taking a major role as the team secured a tournament with 15 scouts from various clubs watching him.

Rashford Haircut

After being released by United in 2005 and 2006, he re-joined the club in 2008 and progressed through their youth system. In 2016, he started his senior debut for Manchester United and became the youngest English player to score in a senior match, breaking George Best’s 52-year record.

Rashford was selected to United’s 18-man squad for the UEFA Europa League round of 32-second leg match against Danish club Midtjylland on February 25, 2016.

Rashford was called to an England under-16 training camp in 2012 and was later picked to play in the Victory Shield against Northern Ireland under 16s in September and Wales under–16s in October.

Rashford only got two appearances for the Under-16 team due to an understanding with Manchester United coaches about his underdeveloped physical ability, and he also felt the exposure would have been.

Rashford Haircut

Marcus Rashford’s haircut is a low fade, with a tapered afro. This style works well for him, and it is perfect for any black man with curly hair. The style leaves the hair on top long and curly, and it also has a low fade at the back of the hair.

Rashford Haircut

Afro tapered with a low fade haircut

One of the most stylish and sophisticated haircuts for men is the afro tapered haircut. The hair is usually longer at the head and shorter at the sides and back for a tapered haircut. The top is usually 2 to 4 inches longer than the rest of the hair.

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A tapered haircut leaves more hair on the sides, and the perimeter is still intact. Depending on your preference and hair texture, the hair that is parted in the middle can be curly, kinky, or straightened.

The afro tapered haircut with low fade is a great style to try out if you’re looking to change up your current hairstyle but don’t want to cut off too much of your length.

It’s also a great style to request when you go to your barber because it comes with many benefits such as easy maintenance, a great look that can work for formal or casual occasions, and an excellent opportunity for men to show off their natural texture.

Rashford Haircut

Besides having long hair on top with a short fade, there are other popular variations of this style, such as having a part in it or adding some shaved designs like lines into it.

How to get an Afro Tapered with a Low Fade Haircut

When you don’t have time to book an appointment with your stylist, it can be hard to know how to cut your hair at home. Here’s how to create an afro tapered with a low fade haircut.

Wash and detangle your hair.

Use heat or water to stretch out the curl pattern until it’s straight. If you don’t have heat or water, try using a blow dryer for a minute or two.

Use scissors to cut the top of your hair down from all over your head. You can go shorter depending on how short you want it to be. Once the length is where you want it, use scissors to thin the ends if needed.

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This hairdo is the best option for men who want to make a change in their hair look. A tapered afro fade will definitely give you a fresh and new look. To wear this hairstyle, you must have curly hair.

Rashford Haircut

This hairstyle is low maintenance which means that you do not need to visit people every now and then for your haircut. With this, you can wear it very long or very short as per your mood and style.

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