Jeff Wittek Haircut Tutorial 2023

Jeff Wittek Haircuts has been the talk of the town. He was born December 15th, 1989 in New York City, and is a popular YouTube personality and podcaster. He has a well-known reputation for being the sole creator of both Jeff’s Barbershop and his podcast, Jeff FM. He is also well known for being the star of Bad Girls Club in multiple episodes of Season 5.

Wittek started his YouTube account in 2011 and gained fame through his videos “Behind the Cuts”, where he styled celebrities’ hair including Mac Miller and Pauly D. He also posted pictures of himself on Instagram with celebrities like Jake Paul and Lele Pons.

Wittek made an appearance on Bad Girls Club in multiple episodes of Season 5, which increased his fame even further. In 2014 he moved to 1600 Vine, a Hollywood apartment building known for housing internet celebrities like Jake Paul and Lele Pons. There he met the Vlog Squad who helped him create content for his YouTube channel and talk show Jeff’s Barbershop.

Top 7 Jeff Wittek Haircuts

Have you ever wondered what are the most famous Jeff Wittek haircuts?

If so, you’re in luck! This guide will walk you through everything you need to know about Jeff Wittek haircuts and how to get it.

We’ll start with the different types of Jeff Wittek haircuts available, including the most popular ones. After that, we’ll cover what it takes to get one of these cuts to what you should expect. Finally, we’ll wrap things up with some tips on how to style your new look over time.

# 1 – Shaggy and Cool Mullet with Taper Fade

Best Shaggy Mullet Jeff Wittek Haircuts
Image Credit: Instagram @ jeffwitteknews

The shaggy part of this haircut is short on the sides and back of the head, with longer hair on top. The taper fade begins at the crown of your head and fades down to nothing around your ears. The top of your head looks fuller than usual, which gives you an extra boost of confidence when wearing this style. This style is great for those who want to keep their hair long but also want it to be manageable.

To get this look, you’ll want to start by washing your hair with shampoo and conditioner before blow-drying it straight with a round brush. Next, apply a texturizing product like mousse or pomade to the top of your hair. You can also use a flat iron or curling iron to create more volume if desired.

Cool Mullet and Taper Fade Jeff Wittek Haircuts
Image Credit: Instagram @ jeffwitteknews

Finally, use scissors or clippers to cut the sideburns in at an angle from the ear down towards your chin line so they’re not too short at all times when styling your hair into its final shape. The rest of the haircut should be done using clippers set high enough so that no hair gets taken off too close to where it meets skin; this will help prevent ingrown hairs from forming over time as well as making sure that everything stays healthy over time without showing signs of damage.

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#2 – Clean Undercut with Curtain Shape Hair

Clean Undercut Curtain Shape Jeff Wittek Haircuts
Image Credit: Instagram @jeff

This hairstyle features long, straight hair on top with a short fringe and sideburns. The hair on the top of the head is kept long and styled into a bob that falls over. The front and sides of the hair are tapered to create a rounded shape around the face that resembles curtains.

To achieve this look, the first thing you’ll need to do is make sure your hair is clean and dry. Then, use a comb to smooth out any tangles or knots that may be present in your hair.After that, take a pair of scissors and cut your bangs at an angle. You can choose any angle as long as it’s between 45 degrees and 90 degrees; anything beyond 90 degrees will look like a square rather than an undercut.

Once you’ve done that, make sure that all of the hair above your forehead is even with one another. This will help create a straight line from ear to ear across the top of your head when you’re finished cutting.

Once everything looks even on top, use a razor blade or clippers to trim off any remaining hairs below where you want them (usually right above the ears). Then just comb everything back into place and style as usual!

#3 – Textured Faux Hawk

Textured Faux Hawk Jeff Wittek Haircuts
Image Credit: Instagram @jeff

The faux hawk is a hairstyle that involves the hair on the sides of your head being styled upwards, leaving the front and back of your head flat. This is a great haircut for those with longer hair that want to make a statement without having to grow out their hair.

The best way to achieve this look is by using a rat tail comb. You will also need wax or gel. You only need a small amount of each for this process. The first step is to separate your hair into sections down the middle of your head, then use your rat tail comb to create a part that goes from one ear to the other at about 2 inches above where you want it to end (about halfway down).

Best Faux Hawk of Jeff Wittek Haircuts
Image Credit: Instagram @jeff

You will then use wax or gel on the top half of each section and use your fingers to pump them up so they stick up in an arc shape over your forehead. Repeat this process until all sections are done, then use some more wax or gel on the last section so it sticks out more than any other sections did before styling them down with your fingers into place at an angle like before but not as high up.

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#4 –  Stylish Side Part with High Taper Fade

Best Sidepart with High Taper Fade Jeff Wittek Haircuts
Image Credit: Instagram @jeff

This haircut is perfect for guys who want to look professional, but want to keep things interesting. The high taper fade starts at the top of your head and gets shorter as it goes down toward the sides and back, creating a sharp contrast between the length on top and the shortness of the sides. This hairstyle looks neat and tidy but also has a bit of an edge to it.

Stylish Sidepart with Taper Fade Jeff Wittek Haircuts
Image Credit: Instagram @jeff

To style this look, use some gel or wax in your hands and run it through wet hair (this will help distribute product evenly). Then comb your hair back into place using a brush or comb, gently spreading it out until it looks even throughout the entire part line from forehead to nape (you may need more gel at this point). Finally, run your fingers through any flyaway hairs at the top of your head so everything looks clean and neat!

#5 –  Dashing Textured and Longer Hair Mullet

Textured Long Hair Mullet Jeff Wittek Haircuts
Image Credit: Instagram @jeff

This haircut is a great look for anyone who wants to add some femininity and sophistication to their look without sacrificing the rock ‘n’ roll edge of their personality.The hair is textured to give it a unique look, while the longer length adds some flair to the overall look. This style is basically just long hair with some bangs, but it’s so much more than that.

To get this look, start by brushing your hair back into a ponytail. Then section off the top of your head and clip it out of the way while you work on the rest of your hair. Use a wide-toothed comb to part your hair down the middle, then brush each side over until they’re completely smooth and flat against your head. 

Dashing Mullet Jeff Wittek Haircuts
Image Credit: Instagram @jeff

Next, comb through the top section of hair with a fine-toothed comb to create volume at the roots; this will help give your look more shape and texture as well as add some extra volume to make your style stand out even more!

Spray everything lightly with hairspray before you finish up with any touch ups or styling products if necessary (such as gel or wax) for extra hold throughout the day so that everything stays looking neat throughout whatever activities you have planned for today!

#6 – Neat and Clean Medium Side Part Quiff

Neat Side Part Quiff Jeff Wittek Haircuts
Image Credit: Instagram @jeff

The style of this haircut is best suited for people with wavy or curly hair, as it has a lot of volume in the front, which can be difficult to manage if you have straight hair. This hairstyle works well for men and women who want something more than just a plain old side part. The sides are left long enough to show off your cheekbones and the back is kept short enough that it won’t get in the way of what’s going on up front.

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To get this look, the first step is to make sure your hair is washed and clean, but not too clean—you don’t want your hair to be so wet that it takes forever to dry.

Clean Quiff with Side Part Jeff Wittek Haircuts
Image Credit: Instagram @jeff

Next, you’ll want to start with a blow-dryer at the lowest setting and blow-dry your hair in small sections from the top of your head down to the ends of your hair. After that, make sure you have some product (pomade or wax) in hand—but not too much! You don’t want it dripping off of your hands when you put it on.

Then, apply a small amount of product throughout your hair with your hands until it feels wet enough—but not too wet! A little bit goes a long way here. Finally, finish off by running some fingers through your locks while they’re still slightly damp; this will give them a nice shine without making them look greasy or flat.

#7 – Elegant Comb Over with a High Blended Fade

Comb Over with Fade Jeff Wittek Haircuts
Image Credit: Instagram @jeff

This haircut is a classic that has gone through a transformation. The comb over part is the same, but you’ll see that the fade on top is much higher than it used to be. This creates a really cool look that will help you stand out at work or on campus.It is a great way to show off your natural hair while giving it a clean look. The high blended fade will help you achieve the look of a traditional comb over with a modern twist. 

To style an elegant comb over with a high blended fade, you’ll want to work through your hair section by section.

Start with the sides. For this look, you’ll want to leave about 3 inches of hair on the side of your head. Then you can use a medium-sized round brush to blow dry the hair straight back, working from the roots down to the ends. You can also use a comb to help keep it smooth while you blow dry it back. Once you’ve completed that, apply some pomade or gel to your hands and run them through your hair until it’s evenly distributed throughout.

Image Credit: Instagram @jeff

Next, move on to the front section of your hair. If there’s any part of your forehead that needs covering up (depending on how thick your bangs are), use an electric trimmer or clipper to trim away any excess forehead hair so that it blends seamlessly into the rest of your hairstyle. Then take the rest of the front section and brush it straight up with a large round brush until it’s smooth and flat against your head.

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