Devin Booker Haircut

Devin Booker is an American professional basketball player who plays for the Phoenix Suns of the National Basketball Association. He was born on October 30, 1996 in Grand Rapids, Michigan to former college basketball player Melvin Booker and Sharonda Coleman-Singleton, a high school teacher. Devin grew up with his brother Davon Wade and sister Mya Powell.

Devin Booker Haircut
Devin Booker haircut

He became interested in playing basketball at age four when he saw Kobe Bryant play on television. His favorite teams are the Lakers and Detroit Pistons; his favorite players are Bryant, LeBron James, Kevin Durant and Dwyane Wade.

One might say that Devin’s most famous haircut is one of his most identifiable features – it has been called “The Burst Fade” Haircut, which is quite popular among youngsters.

Devin Booker Haircut name:

Devin Booker’s hair is a Burst fade cut, which tapers the line of hair behind the ear, leaving hair longer at the neck. With this haircut, you can choose to have a regular length on top and side, or keep it short with the addition of a taper fade.

Devin Booker hairstyle

He has got a Burst fade cut, which tapers the line of hair behind the ear, leaving hair longer at the neck. This quite popular among youngsters.

This haircut looks best when paired with a beard or stubble to complement its sharp look. If you’re trying to grow facial hair, you can always add some product to keep it in place.

Devin Booker Haircut: The Burst Fade

Devin Booker Burst fade

Devin Booker burst onto the scene in the 2015-16 NBA season, and one of his most identifiable features was his haircut. His hair was styled in a burst fade haircut, which is quite popular among youngsters. The burst fade is a type of fade haircut that starts high on the head and gradually gets shorter as it goes down. It is a popular haircut choice for those who have thick hair as it can be easily styled with volume and texture, which was definitely the case for Devin Booker.

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How to get Devin Booker Burst Fade haircut

Here is the video tutorial from Duck Barber giving a self tutorial on how to get Devin Booker haircut:

If you’re looking to get the Devin Booker burst fade haircut, here are the steps you’ll need to follow:

– Start by parting your hair in a straight line from one ear to the other.

– Take a clipper and, starting at the top of your head, clip off all of your hair until it is about an inch long.

– Clipping your hair in this manner will create the high fade that is a key part of the burst fade haircut.

Devin Booker hairstyle

– Next, use a clipper to cut the hair on the back and sides of your head shorter – you can either choose a number guard or just hold the clipper at an angle and clip off small amounts of hair.

– Once you have the back and sides of your head shaved, use a pair of clippers to fade into your high fade – this creates a sharp contrast between the two different hairstyles that is characteristic of the burst fade haircut.

Devin Booker haircut

– Next, using a trimmer attachment on an electric shaver, trim off any loose ends or stray hairs.

– Finally, apply a small amount of hair product to your hair to help hold it in place.

Devin Booker Haircut in Olympics 2021

During 2021 Olympics, he made headlines with his new haircut which was a buzz at that time. So let us take you through Devin’s hair journey! The NBA star has a short, buzzed haircut with a line-up.

Devin Booker Olympic cut

The sides of his head are shaved closely to the scalp, while there is about an inch or two length at the top of his head. This one-length cut has been tapered into longer layers from front crown to back. The hair at the nape of his neck is also shorter and blends in with the shaved sides.

Devin Booker’s haircut looks neat, tidy and stylish which makes him stand out from other players. This fade haircut gives him a more polished look and enhances his features.

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At first glance, you may have mistaken it for another regular style of his, but it actually makes him look younger and more stylish than usual.

It’s no surprise that this particular haircut made so much buzz as soon as it got out, as it was an all-time favorite among fans and professional athletes alike.

The unique thing about it is that it can fit anyone of any age and add to their overall looks; especially if they choose to get rid of all facial hair in favor of just wearing their hair short enough to show off their ears and neckline.

Devin Booker Barber name:

Devin Booker’s barber

One of the famous barber of Devin Booker is Vincent Garcia. He is a professional barber who has been in the industry since 2008. Vince has established himself as a barber for the stars and has cut some big names, including LeBron James, Devin Booker, Kyle Kuzma.

Here is the link for his instagram profile : Vincent Garcia Barber.


Devin Booker is known for his skills on the basketball court, but he is also well-known for his unique haircut. The burst fade haircut is a popular hairstyle for young people. It’s short on the sides and long in the front, with no clean line of demarcation between one side or another. It’s low maintenance for one thing- it doesn’t require frequent trips to the barber or salon to maintain. Secondly, this cut looks great on just about everyone who has tried it out!

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