Dixie D’Amelio Haircut

Dixie Jane D’Amelio (born August 12, 2001) is an American singer and social media personality who has been best recognized for her videos on the TikTok social media platform. Dixie is the eldest of the D’Amelio sisters.

Dixie D'Amelio Haircut

Dixie recently got a haircut that has wispy bangs, which are clipped just above shoulder length, and she gets curtain bangs to come with it.

Here is a tutorial by RayVoltageBeauty Ray Hornback:

Dixie D’Amelio Career

Dixie D’Amelio is an American social media star and the eldest daughter of TV stars Heidi and Marc D’Amelio. She became famous on TikTok for dancing and lip-syncing videos, which led to a collaboration with the music label HitCo Entertainment. She has over 50 million followers on TikTok and hosts a talk show on YouTube titled “The Early Late Night Show.”

She was born in Norwalk, Connecticut, into a family of five children. Her father, Marc, is a real estate agent, while her mother, Heidi is a homemaker. Her older brother Marc Jr. makes his appearance in her TikTok videos. Her younger sister Charli D’Amelio gained massive popularity on TikTok as well.

She has over 50 million followers on TikTok and hosts a talk show on YouTube titled “The Early Late Night Show.” She signed a record deal with HitCo Entertainment in 2020 and started releasing singles with the label.

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Dixie D’Amelio Haircut

Dixie D’Amelio’s haircut has been one of the most popular over the last year. The bob-like style is easy to maintain and can be worn by women of all ages while still looking stylish and chic.

Dixie D'Amelio Haircut

The Dixie D’Amelio haircut is a wispy, curly bob with some curtain bangs clipped just above shoulder length. This style is one of her most iconic looks that many fans have replicated over the years.

Bob with curtain bangs

A bob with curtain bangs is a combination of a bob and a fringe that is swept to the side in the middle. This style is perfect for women who have long faces or round faces because it gives the face shape a more balanced and oval look.

This hairstyle has been around for a very long time, but it has recently made a comeback in popularity. This hairstyle has become so popular because it combines two classic styles into one hairstyle.

While we’re all familiar with the traditional bob (the kind that falls right above your shoulders) and its even shorter sister, the lob, there’s also the longer version, which is basically just a one-length style that falls below the collarbone.

How to get a Bob cut with curtain bangs?

To get a bob cut, decide the length you want first. The dampen your hair and use a good pair of shears to cut it. Now to cut the bangs- Before you start, make sure that you have sectioned off the triangle of hair that you will be cutting and secured the rest of your hair out of the way.

The base of the triangle section should run from the outer corner of each of your eyes and extend up toward the crown of your head. The larger the triangle, the thicker your bangs will be, and vice versa.

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Next, snip into your hair at an angle to create a piece with a blunt edge. You can start by cutting straight across your bangs for an even look, or you can start in the middle and cut outward for a more asymmetrical effect.

Dixie D'Amelio Haircut

As you’re cutting, angle your scissors slightly upward so that they are parallel with your forehead. This will produce a piece with a bit more volume in the front than in the back.

When you’re finished cutting one side, move on to the other side and repeat these steps there, angling slightly upward as well.


The bob is an ageless hairstyle that looks great on everyone. The angled cut and the classic lines of this style are timeless, but the curtain bangs make it look modern and trendy.

Bob cuts with bangs are rather common and easy to style. That is one of the reasons many women choose this specific haircut over all the other cuts because it is convenient to cut, rather than the other styles such as long hair or short pixie-cuts that take good skill to manage.

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