Jungkook Hairstyle

Jeon Jung-kook, also known as Jungkook mononymously, is a South Korean singer born on September 1st, 1997. Jungkook is the youngest member of BTS, a South Korean boy band.

Jungkook Hairstyle

Jungkook’s hairstyle has gained popularity, especially among male teenage group fans. He mostly uses his home haircut, which is a bowl haircut that you can use without any hassle. It’s simple yet practical.

Jungkook’s Career:

Jungkook is a Korean singer and songwriter who has been performing for a long time. He is known for his solo single, “Euphoria,” which reached number three on the Gaon Digital Chart. He was also part of the group Suga-T (formerly Bangtan Boys) and the Most Beautiful Moment in Life tour with them.

With the release of his single 2 Cool 4 Skool, Jungkook made his debut as a member of BTS. Two of BTS’s songs: “Love is Not Over” and “Magic Shop,” has been attributed to Jungkook as the primary producer.

He also participated in writing lyrics for Run and I Need You, both singles from The Most Beautiful Moment in Life and Young Forever; all tracks on Love Yourself: Her; most tracks on Love Yourself: Tear; and one track on Face Yourself.

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In 2019, Jungkook was awarded the MTV Millennial Award for Best Global Instagrammer to recognize his influence on the social media platform.

His rapid-fire use of hashtags helped BTS build a global fanbase, and his posts were cited as an example of how young people today share information online. He’s also making music history. His single “Boy With Luv” is the first K-pop song to hit number one on the Billboard charts.

Jungkook’s Hair Cut:

Jungkook has been sporting a bowl cut since 2014. This hairstyle must be convenient since he has been able to develop different looks of it.

He spiced up his simple bowl cut when he went with red, blue, and pink highlights, as well as a wavy texture for the back of his hair—and the result was this vibrant style that will work for any occasion.

Jungkook Hairstyle
Jungkook’s Haircut

In 2016, Jungkook began growing out his hair. The fan ARMY went crazy. Once fans noticed that the idol had tied a short section of his hair back into a bun, it was game over. Jungkook became the number one trending topic on Twitter that week, worldwide and in the United States.

The Bowl Cut

As a simple haircut, the bowl cut is easy to style. It’s been around for centuries, originating in medieval Europe during the 14th century as part of the Romantic Period.

It was worn by monks and royal rulers, and some historians believe that it was also worn by women as part of courtly LoveLove. Nowadays, this classic haircut has become one of the latest trends for the ways one can style it.

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A bowl cut can be worn half-up or down, slicked back with gel or hairspray, or even paired with a side part or bangs for a change from the traditional look.

How to get the Jungkook’s bowl cut?

To get Jungkook’s bowl cut. You will need to know how to use scissors and a tail comb properly. Start with the hair at the back of your head.

Use the tail comb to create a center parting, then make another parting right at the back of your head at the same time. You will wind up splitting your hair into four sections as a result of this. The chopping part occurs next.

Jungkook Hairstyle
The Bowl Cut

The tail comb can be utilized to separate and hold the hair that is there at the head’s bottom. The rest of the hair is twisted and trimmed up using hair clips so that the hair stays in its place.

Start slicing the hair from the front with a pair of scissors. You will arrive at a pattern that you can sustain during the rest of the process when you are done with the first section.

As a result, the hair at the back of your head follows the same pattern and goes down gradually in an angular manner as soon as you hit the side of your body.


The Jungkook’s bowl cut is a cool style that can be worn by any man, regardless of face shape or age. Since it’s such a low-maintenance style, the bowl cut is perfect for men who are always on the go.

Plus, it’s easy to coordinate with your daily outfit and ideal for both formal and casual events. Although there are plenty of other cuts that are just as versatile and easy to style, we think the bowl cut is one of the best hairstyles you can ask for.

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