Bianca Manalo Haircut

Pamela Bianca Ramos Manalo is a Filipino actress and beauty pageant titleholder who was born on November 28, 1987.

For the most part, she has worn a bob cut for a long time, and it suits her well. She’s also known for cutting her hair to various lengths, from having chin-length locks to pixie cuts. She even went for a short bob hairstyle for a significant period of time.

But she eventually decided to go back to the classic bob in 2016, which has been one that suits her well and is also loved by her fans.

Bianca Manalo Career

After landing with Mercator Models Management, Bianca Manalo began her career as a model. She made her runway debut at the Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2007, where she modeled for Veejay Floresca and Rajo Laurel.

Bianca Manalo Haircut

The following year, she returned to Philippine Fashion Week as a model for Michael Cinco and followed it up by modeling for designers Veejay Floresca and Cary Santiago at Philippine Fashion Week Resort 2008.

In 2009, she joined Binibining Pilipinas 2009, hoping to represent her country at Miss Universe in 2009. Bianca won the title of Binibining Pilipinas-Universe and represented her country at Miss Universe 2009 in Nassau, the Bahamas, where she placed from outside the Top 15. She won the 25th PMPC Star Awards for TV in the category Best New Female TV Personality in 2011.

Bianca Manalo Haircut

Bianca Manalo was the winner of the Binibining Pilipinas Universe 2009, and she represented the Philippines at the Miss Universe 2009. She was cast in the ABS-CBN television series Juanita Banana in October 2010, and she resided in the role of Juanita Ban until the show’s conclusion in February 2011.

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She was the first Asian woman to be an endorser of the L’Oreal Matrix in February 2012. She won the 25th PMPC Star Awards for TV in Best New Female TV Personality.

Bianca Manalo Haircut

Manalo, a former beauty queen and actress had the bob haircut for a very long time. She has had both long and short bob and the Pixie haircut, which she rocked.

Bianca Manalo Haircut

Bob Haircut

The bob haircut is a classic hairstyle that will always be in fashion. The bob’s length works well on all face shapes, hair textures, and hair types. This cut can be adjusted to flatter your features and fit your lifestyle, whether you prefer short bobs or long, soft bobs.

Bob haircuts are generally shorter in the back and angle down to the front. This style was made famous by movie stars such as Louise Brooks in the 1920s. During that decade, the bob helped women make a statement for equality by promoting a feeling of freedom and independence.

Nowadays, bobs are still among the most popular hairstyles for w of all ages. While some of today’s bobs appear longer than those from the 20s and 30s, stylists continue to give short bobs plenty of exposure in magazines and on television.

Short bobs can be worn with soft curls or wavy hair, while longer bobs may look best when left straight.

How to get a Bob Haircut?

Wash and dry your hair. Comb your hair forward and make a part on one side of the head. With the tail of a rat-tail comb, part your hair in a straight line from the top of your ear to the front corner of your eye.

With scissors or shears, cut the hair into a smooth line along the part you created in step 3, at a downward angle from the top of your ear to the front corner of your eye. Cut across the other side of the head, starting from the same place on top of the ear and ending at the front corner of that eye.

Run your fingers through your hair to check for uneven spots or strays. If you see any, trim off only as much as necessary to even things up or remove stray hairs that are longer than others in that area.

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The bob haircut is a classic hairstyle that will always be in fashion. It is easy to maintain, and it’s simple to change whenever you want.

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