Jimmy Darmody haircut

James Edison Darmody is a fictional character on the show Boardwalk Empire, played by Michael Pitt. The haircut of the character, which is the slicked-back undercut, had great fans, and also many people tried this hairstyle.

Jimmy Darmody haircut

The haircut was very different from other haircuts. It was a little bit longer, and it had a slicked back undercut with a lot of volume at the top. The hair was cut in layers around the ears to give more volume to them and make them stand out more.

The color of the hair was dark brown, with some strands of gray in it as well. This gave James Edison Darmody an older look that matched his character perfectly.

Who is Jimmy Darmody?

James Edison Darmody is a fictional character on the television series Boardwalk Empire, played by Michael Pitt. He is the son of Nucky Thompson and his lover, Gillian Darmody.

Jimmy Darmody haircut

Jimmy Darmody was born in 1900 to Nucky Thompson and Gillian Darmody. He grew up in Atlantic City, New Jersey, with his father and stepmother, Mabelle. In 1913 Jimmy’s mother died in a house fire along with her lover Arnold Rothstein.

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Jimmy attended Princeton University, where he met Al Capone and Lucky Luciano. He left school before graduating when he joined the Army after America entered World War I. After being wounded at the Battle of Belleau Wood in 1918, Jimmy returned home to Atlantic City and helped his father build The Onyx Club casino there until its doors opened in 1923.

Jimmy Darmody haircut

The Jimmy Darmody haircut is a style that was popular during the early 20th century. It’s characterized by a slicked-back undercut, with hair on the sides and back of the head shaved down to stubble.

Jimmy Darmody haircut

The Jimmy Darmody haircut is a modern interpretation of this classic look. The hairstyle features longer locks on top, while the sides and back are cut short.

The style is best suited to men who have confidence in their appearance and personality, as it requires minimal styling effort on a daily basis.

Jimmy Darmody haircut

The advantage of this hairstyle over other styles is its versatility; it looks great with any facial hairstyle or length and can be dressed up or down depending on your mood or occasion.

The slicked back undercut

The slicked back undercut is a hairstyle that is characterized by short hair on the sides and back of your head, which allows you to show off a long top section of hair. The top section of hair can be styled in many different ways, but it is typically slicked back with pomade or gel for maximum effect.

The idea behind this hairstyle is that it creates a sense of contrast between your long top section and short sides and back, which helps make your face appear more masculine and attractive. If you are looking for a haircut that makes you look more attractive without sacrificing any masculinity or masculinity, then this might be the right style for you.

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How to get the slicked back undercut?

The slicked-back undercut is a modern take on the classic pompadour with a twist. The hair on top is slicked back and out of sight, while the sides are kept short and textured.

The look has been popularized by celebrities like David Beckham, Jared Leto, and Zac Efron. If you’re looking for a new hairstyle that’s easy to maintain and versatile enough to work with any outfit, the slicked-back undercut could be the perfect fit for you.

Jimmy Darmody haircut

Here’s how to get the slicked back undercut:

  • Get started with a cut that’s about 2 inches on top and 1 inch on the sides. Ask for a fade if you want a more dramatic contrast between your hair length on top and sides.
  • You’ll also need some product to create this slick look — pomade or gel works best. Apply it evenly throughout your hair while it’s still wet so that it will give your hair texture and hold when dry.
  • Use a comb or brush to style your hair forward into place (it should be sticking up slightly at this point). Make sure there aren’t any clumps anywhere along its length — if there are, use your fingers.


The haircut of the character of Jimmy Darmody is a different haircut. He had more volume at the top of the head than on the sides and the back. It was trendy and cool, and it was easy to maintain too. Overall this hairstyle was good for men who want to look unique and stylish.

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