Tom DeLonge haircut

Tom DeLonge is a former member of Blink-182 and founder of To The Stars, a company that aims to revolutionize transportation. DeLonge has made headlines over his last few haircuts.

He says that his most recent haircut was inspired by his love for epic fantasy books and movies. He told Entertainment Weekly: So I’ve been kind of in my cave with these epic fantasies on creative visualization and so much stuff happening in my head with time travel and things like that, he said to EW.

Tom DeLonge Career

Tom DeLonge is an American musician and actor. He is best known as co-founder, guitarist, keyboardist, and vocalist of the rock band Blink-182. In 2015 he formed an Angels & Airwaves side project, To The Stars. Demos, Odds and Ends, a collection of demos recorded in 2008–2009 before DeLonge reunited with Blink-182 in February 2009. In addition to his work with Blink-182 and Angels & Airwaves, DeLonge also maintains other projects.

After recording Box Car Racer’s only album in 2002, he shifted his focus to producing friends’ bands and forming additional side projects such as Plus 44 (with Mark Hoppus) and further Blinks albums. In 2011, following increased media speculation surrounding DeLonge’s alleged split from Blink-182, he issued a statement announcing his departure from the group. Tom Delonge has been married twice.

His first marriage was to Jennifer Jenkins between 1997 and 2005; they have one son together named Jonas Rocket DeLonge, born on October 8, 2001. On December 31, 2006, he married Jennifer Youngblood; they have two children together named Poet Rocket DeLong The start of his career began when he got expelled from Poway High School for attending a basketball game drunk at age 16.

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Tom DeLonge haircut

Tom DeLonge has an asymmetrical layered haircut. It’s short in the back and on top, with some long pieces in front. It’s a little bit of an I don’t care hairstyle, but it still looks good. Guys who are into sports or music might like it because it doesn’t make them look too serious—it can give you an edge without making you seem like a slacker.

The length is great for summer and spring when you want to keep your hair out of your face while playing sports or working outside. It works well with all hair types except very curly hair that won’t lay flat against your head.

This cut is easy to maintain at home, so if you have a busy schedule, it will be easy to keep up with regular trims. If you have thick hair, ask your barber for longer sideburns so they blend into your beard better than if they were shaved off.

Asymmetrical Layered haircut

The challenge for men with shorter hair is creating volume in a way that does not sacrifice length. This cut shows how you can take advantage of a lot of textural interest by creating movement by layering only a portion of hair on top but leaving some length around the sides and back.

The result is a haircut that doesn’t require any product to create texture yet still has plenty of styles. The key to achieving an asymmetrical look like Bardem’s is making sure there are enough layers to achieve balance while keeping your hair long enough at all sides, so it doesn’t appear too choppy or uneven.

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How to get the Asymmetrical Layered haircut?

There are two essential steps to the Asymmetrical Layered haircut: getting a regular haircut and cutting your hair asymmetrically. Let’s take a look at both below. If you want to get Tom DeLonge’s haircut, there are three easy steps for achieving it

: Get a regular haircut, which is typically something like a buzz cut or clipper cut with medium-length hair. Cut your hair asymmetrically in order to create a layered effect on one side of your head while keeping everything short on the other side.

This can be done by yourself using electric clippers, but it will likely end up looking very choppy and uneven if you don’t have much experience doing so. Your best bet is to go see a barber who knows what they’re doing. Have them cut off about half an inch from each side of your head (the left side should be slightly longer than the right).

Make sure that you also tell them not to blend these cuts together, as we need sharp lines in order for our haircut to work properly! Now we just need some styling products—some mousse or wax should do nicely—to finish off our new look!


If you’re looking for a new haircut, try something like what Tom DeLonge has going on in some of his recent appearances. This is a great style that balances hair length, volume, and symmetry. In summary, don’t cut your hair until it looks good. Take your time to get it right, and remember to be patient with yourself; if it doesn’t work out, there are plenty of styles to choose from. The important thing is to do what makes you feel confident and comfortable with yourself while still looking sharp!

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