Kris Bryant Haircut – with inspiring photos!

If you are a Chicago Cubs fan, then you have probably been following the team’s success this season. One of the players that have had a breakout year is Kris Bryant. He so far has hit an amazing 26 home runs and 73 RBIs in 81 games played! With his recent performance, he is one of the leading candidates for National League MVP. So what does he do to keep his game going strong? Apparently, he gets haircuts from time to time!

Kris Bryant Haircut

Who is Kris Bryant?

Kris Bryant was drafted by the Chicago Cubs in the 2013 Amateur Draft. He is a third baseman and outfielder who has played well for both positions. In his two years as a pro, he has accumulated 56 home runs with 169 RBIs and 107 walks to go along with 210 strikeouts over 200 games as of July 16th!

Kris Bryant haircut

One reason he has been so successful is because of his ability to connect with pitches, which led him to win the Double-A Texas League MVP in 2015. He also won the Southern League batting title for the second year in a row and was named Minor League Player of the Year by MiLB as well! Now he’s off to play at Wrigley Field, and he deserves to be a fan favorite! You can read more on Kris Bryant’s career highlights here.

Kris Bryant haircut style

Kris Bryant hairstyle

Kris Bryant has the perfect haircut for a player in his position. His hair is cut short and spiked on top, with some longer scruff around his jawline to give him that rugged look. It makes sense since he’s been playing at Wrigley Field this season! He also has it fade from dark brown to light brown towards the back to give it a natural look.

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What can we learn from this?

We can’t help but wonder what Kris Bryant’s Kris Bryant haircut style is before he gets on the field! This also shows you that even players have to groom themselves every day, regardless of their position or how well they’re playing. Even though his hair is a little different from it would be if he had long hair, his style still works well and is unique to him.

Faux Hawk Mohawk kris bryant haircut:

One of his famous hairstyles is his Mohawk hairstyle, where it is called as “Faux Hawk” hairstyle by his fans. The faux hawk Mohawk hairstyle is one that has been popular with guys in recent years. It’s a type of haircut where the sides and back are shaved, but there’s still hair on top of the head that starts from front to back. A lot of times, this style will have some longer spikes going up at an angle or point to add a little more texture to the style.

Kris Bryant haircut Faux hawk Mohawk
Kris Bryant haircut Faux hawk Mohawk

The Mohawk haircut has been around for quite some time, but it’s still popular today because of its originality and simplicity. Plus, many guys like that they can have this hair cut without having any lines in their head! The faux hawk Mohawk is also easy to maintain with just trim from time to time.

Want to hold your style after a haircut? Or you want to style it yourself the next day?

If you have recently got the Kris Bryant haircut, American Crew Forming cream can help you keep your hair in place (Medium Hold). Because of its unique formulation, this cream can hold your hair and keep it from falling out of style for hours on end. Apply generously to your hair after a wash. You may apply the product as many times as necessary throughout the day.

Kris Bryant Mullet hairstyle:

Another hairstyle that Kris Bryant has been seen with is his mullet. It’s a type of haircut where the hair on top and back are longer, while the sides and front are cut short to reveal a receding or balding part. The mullet was popular in the 80s because it gave off an “I don’t care” attitude, which is what many rockers had during that time.

Kris Bryant haircut Mullet hairstyle

It’s also called a “business in the front and party in the back” haircut because of its style. The mullet can be styled differently by having some hair slicked up or combed forward on top, with more volume at the bottom to give it a fuller look. It’s a great way to add some volume and texture to your hair.

There are many types of mullets that you can choose from, but the most common one is the “long in back” variety because it’s easier to maintain. This type doesn’t require much care, since all it needs is trimming every so often with clippers or scissors.

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Kris Bryant haircut back:

Here are some of the pictures of Kris Bryant’s haircut backside. You can get some inspiring ideas from it.

Kris Bryant haircut back
Kris Bryant haircut back

Kris Bryant hair cut inspirations:

Kris Bryant is having the usual haircuts like he used to have in the previous years, and we have listed some real-life inspiration photos below.

Kris Bryant haircut real-life example
Kris Bryant real life cut
Kris Bryant haircut
Kris Bryant haircut inspiration

You can see that his hair has been styled into a short trimmed cut that goes down to his jawline. It has been styled in a way that it’s tapered at the back and ends with a shaved undercut.

Kris Bryant haircut with beard:

Kris Bryant with beard

In this photo, we can see Kris Bryant’s hair is cut very short on the side, while there are some longer strands of hair going down to his chin. It’s also styled to have a bit of volume on the top, while there are some shaved undercut details at the back and sides.

Also check the NBA star Luka Doncic’s hairstyle for more inspiration

To wrap it up: Kris Bryant has had a variety of haircuts in his career, but he always seems to return back to the classic crew cut. His hair is short on the sides and long at the top, with some combed forward strands for volume. It’s easy to maintain this style as it only needs trimming every so often or when you want a new look! Kris Bryant haircut styles are very versatile because they work well whether you have curly or straight locks – just make sure your barber knows what type of curl pattern you prefer before getting up from their chair!

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