Dustin Poirier Haircut

Dustin Poirier Haircut

Dustin Poirier is an American mixed martial artist and former UFC lightweight champion. Dustin has had a fantastic career and is one of the most sought-after fighters in the world. Interestingly, he has a fade haircut, which means that all of his hair from the front may be shaved off, but it will grow back as soon as it builds up some more. It’s simple, neat, and enjoyable for his fans who love to follow him on social media before he fights in UFC events.

Who is Dustin Poirier

Dustin Poirier haircut

Dustin Poirier is an American mixed martial artist and former UFC lightweight champion who has fought in the UFC since 2009 and holds wins over some of the best fighters in the world. His nicknames are “The Diamond,” “The Weatherman,” and “The Diamond-T,” etc.

Dustin Poirier hairstyle

His current record stands at 28 wins and 7 losses in 36 matches, as of Jan 2022. He is one of the best fighters to compete in Bellator MMA. He has fought the likes of Eddie Alvarez, Alexander Volkov, Michael Chandler, Gegard Mousasi, and many others.

In his recent fight, i.e., on June 27, 2020, Poirier faced Dan Hooker, winning the exciting back-and-forth fight unanimously.

Dustin Poirier Haircut name:

Dustin Poirier has a fade haircut, making him look more charming and attractive to many individuals watching him. It gives out a perfect look on his personality and matches the way he dresses with the tattoos on his body which is really very good in UFC fights.

Dustin Poirier haircut name

A “fade haircut” is a type of haircut that gradually fades from long hair on top to short hair at the back and sides. One of the most common examples is to simply grow the top of his hair long and then cut it short at the back and sides.

How to get Dustin Poirier Haircut:

The main thing that one should keep in mind while growing the Dustin Poirier haircut is that it should not be bald like a short crop haircut. If a person wants to get the same haircut, they should take the help of a barber who knows how to give out the fade haircut in an excellent way.

Dustin Poirier hair

It is recommended that one gets a trusted barber as he would know how to give out this particular kind of fade haircut without making any mistakes and also with better results.

It is very simple and an easy haircut to get. You only need to develop some patience while growing the hairstyle as it takes a lot of time to grow again. One should make sure that the barber who is giving out the fade haircut knows how to do it correctly because if the fade hair on the sides is not done properly, it may disturb one’s overall look and make them look ugly.

Care instructions:

Dustin Poirier hair care

Also, one of the most important things which every person should keep in mind is that they need to apply the gel on top of their hair at least twice a week.

Dustin Poirier trimmer Ad went wrong

In June 2021, Dustin posted an ad on Instagram about a beard trimmer that went horribly wrong with his fans. The ad looked vintage, but when Dustin is in front of the mirror admiring himself, he appears to be in love with himself before the mirror. The fans were quick to go crazy with the post, and soon his page was filled with thousands of comments mocking him.

The ad was something that he did not expect, and the fans may have lost their patience with the fighter who, on many occasions, has been talking about an important fight coming up next. It could have been a move to hype up the fight, but it seems to have backfired.


Dustin Poirier’s haircut is faded, making him look attractive and charming. He has been in the game for a long time, and he runs into some of the best fighters in the world. However, no matter how hard they try to make him look bad, he always comes up with a counter punch and wins the match. It is interesting to see how he fights each and every time with his terrific performance in UFC events.