Jay Cutler haircut

Jay Cutler is a bodybuilder, fitness model, fitness coach, and entrepreneur. He has also been a fitness competitor since 2010. The Jay Cutler haircut is a short hairstyle that has been popular with bodybuilders since 2000. It is named after the former Mr. Olympia winner, who wore his hair in this style during his first six years of competition.

Jay Cutler haircut

Jay Cutler is known for having very short hair on top (but not bald) but layered on the sides and back. This style can also be referred to as an undercut or fade haircut.

The hair on top is usually cut so that it’s about 1 inch long or less, while the sides are cut shorter than that (usually about 2 inches). The back may be cut shorter than the sides, too (i.e., 3 inches). After these cuts are made, the hair on top may be styled with gel or wax to create height and volume (this will depend on how thick your hair is).

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Jay Cutler Career

Jay Cutler is a bodybuilder, fitness model, fitness coach, and entrepreneur. He has also been a fitness competitor since 2010.

Jay Cutler haircut

Jay Cutler started his career in bodybuilding when he was 20 years old. He won the NPC USA Championships in 2001 and 2003. In 2006 he became an IFBB Pro and won the Arnold Classic in his first appearance at that event.

Jay Cutler’s other accomplishments include winning 8 Mr. Olympia titles from 2006 to 2012, as well as being named to the Guinness Book of World Records for having one of the largest biceps in history (20 inches). He currently lives with his wife Kristine, who is also a professional figure competitor on Team Cutler Nutrition LLC.

Jay Cutler Haircut name

Jay Cutler Haircut’s name is the quiff haircut. He is a professional athlete, and he has a unique hairstyle that is very famous among his fans. His hairstyle is suitable for all types of faces and hair types. Jay Cutler’s hairstyle name is the quiff haircut. It looks very amazing on him because it suits his face and personality. His hairstyle can be copied by you easily as it is not complicated at all.

The Quiff Haircut

The quiff haircut is a hairstyle that features the hair on top of your head styled into a comb-over with the front and sides of your hair brushed back. It looks similar to the pompadour style, except there’s no volume at all on top.

Jay Cutler haircut

The origins of this hairstyle go back hundreds of years, but it became popular in Britain during World War II when British soldiers wore their hair long with a side part and a quiff at the front to keep it out of their eyes while they were fighting. It was also popularized by early rock ‘n roll stars like Elvis Presley.

How to get the Jay Cutler haircut

If you want to get the Jay Cutler haircut, it’s not too difficult. First, you should have hair that is naturally straight and thick. Next, you need to have a good pair of scissors or clippers on hand (the clippers will work better).

The next step is to decide what length you want your look to be. If you choose shorts, it will look like this:

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If you select medium length instead, it will appear like this:

You then grab hold of the top section and cut it straight across with your scissors or clippers until it’s about an inch long from each side. The remaining hair should be shorter than this by about an inch on each side as well as in front of your ears so that everything blends together nicely when looking from above down onto yourself (this means no part). When you have finished cutting with scissors or clippers for now—you’ll come back later for more trimming—you’re ready for styling!


Jay Cutler’s haircut is a popular choice for men who want to look good and feel confident in their appearance. This style can be worn by people of all ages, but it’s best suited to those with medium hair length or longer.

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