Pewdiepie Hairstyle

The real name of Pewdiepie is Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, better known as PewDiePie. PewDiePie creates Let’s Play videos, as well as other non-serious and non-comedy videos and shows.

Pewdiepie Hairstyle

Pewdiepie Hairstyle has been in various styles over the years; one best among them is the side-parted curtain within an undercut. This hairstyle is best for people with short hair. It is a combination of two haircuts the side-parted curtain haircut and the undercut haircut.

Pewdiepie hair color

PewDiePie has had his hair blonde for most of his life. He has changed it to blue for a few years. Pewds has been back to blonde since late 2017(with the exception of the pink hair).

Pewdiepie with platinum blonde hair

He dyed his hair blue in late 2013 to match his website and YouTube theme color, but he later returned to blonde in late 2016.

Pewdiepie with blue hair

In early 2018, Felix’s hair was dyed pink during a live stream but was then changed back to blonde later on.

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Pewdiepie long hair

Pewdiepie also had long hair in between, this time between September 2013 and December 2014. It seems he was growing it out again at the end of 2017 but cut it off in April 2018. He said that he was done with dying his hair and would instead go back to growing it long.

Pewdiepie hairstyle name

Pewdiepie’s hairstyle is very simple. He has a Sided Parted Curtain Hair with an Undercut. The undercut is kept either on the right or the left side. I think he keeps it on the right side. This style involves parting the hair on one side. The rest of the hair has to be parted in the opposite direction. Even though Pewdiepie does not have long hair, this is ideal for people with medium or long hair length. This style can be used for formal and informal occasions.

Pewdiepie Hairstyle

How to get Pewdiepie haircut?

The basic concept of the Pewdiepie undercut is to have longer hair on top and shaved sides. The length of the top section can vary, but the most common length is to have it long enough to be combed up and back. It’s best to have it at least four inches long, but some people prefer to keep it shorter and slicker. If you have longer hair or a more oval-shaped head, you’ll probably want something that isn’t too short on top.

The hairstyle itself consists of two parts. First, the back and sides are cut with a guard that leaves about 6mm of hair (a number 3 guard). This should be tapered gradually from the top down so that there is no obvious line where you start cutting with a different guard.

Then blend the end of the taper with scissors or clippers as well so that there isn’t an obvious line where it stops being blended in.

Pewdiepie Hairstyle

Second, leave about an inch of hair at the nape of your neck and cut some triangle shapes into it using scissors or clippers until you get to around six inches in front (some people just go all the way across).

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Pewdiepie’s style is really simple. He has long hair. He keeps the sides shaved and the back hair long to keep his hair at the top looking thicker. If your hair reaches your shoulders in the back, then you can experiment with this style. You can have your hair very short on one side and a little longer on the other for a different look. This style is easy to maintain so that you do not need to visit a barber more often.

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