Patrick Mahomes haircut – with real life photos

Patrick Mahomes is one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL. He’s a Super Bowl champion, MVP, and first-team All-Pro-and he has been really good for the Kansas City Chiefs! Check more on Patrick’s career highlights here.

Patrick Mahomes haircut

Recently, he debuted a new haircut that has garnered much attention in the sports world. 

In this blog post, we will discuss how Mahomes gave himself a low-top fade and why this was such a big deal to his fans.

What does Patrick Mahomes’s haircut look like?

Partick Mahomes hairstyle
Partick Mahomes hairstyle

Patrick has a unique fade, where his beard is long but his head is shaved clean. His favorite style is called “the perfect cut” in which he uses clippers first before trimming it with scissors to give it a natural look.

Patrick Mahomes haircut name

Patrick Mahomes’s haircut is the most recent popular hairstyle trend that has taken over social media. It’s a comb over with shaved sides, so it can go either way for men or women. The hair on top of your head goes to one side and is then flipped in an upward direction while the other side remains cut short. This style was first seen on the baseball player, Bryce Harper, but has since been adopted by Patrick Mahomes.

Patrick Mahomes trending cut

The name of this haircut is a mystery because there are many different ways to refer to it: some people call it the “Show Me” haircut and others have named it after everyone’s favorite quarterback, who started wearing his in September 2018; while still another name for it is “The SpongeBob”.

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This haircut has been seen on many different celebrities. It can be worn with or without a beard and suit any hair color: black, brown, blonde, red-head – you name it!

Patrick Mahomes hair color:

Patrick Mahomes hair color

Patrick Mahomes’s hair color is brown, which looks perfect for his curly hair. The low-top fade hair trend has gained popularity among celebrities as well as

How to do Patrick Mahomes haircut

First, you need to use a blow-dryer and comb. You should take the comb in one hand then move it through your hair vertically while blowing on top of your head with the other hand. This will help set your curls into place as well as make them more manageable so that they don’t get too frizzy. Once the hair is somewhat dry, you should take a fine-tooth comb and use it to brush through your curls so that they are all pulled away from the scalp.

Then you need to decide how high or low on your head will be where the shorter side of the Mohawk begins. Once this has been decided, get out some styling gel or wax and rub it in your hands so that they are damp. Now, take the length of hair from where you want the Mohawk to start and pull it over to one side with a comb or brush. This will make sure that there is some volume on this side since the other half has been put away.

Patrick Mahomes short hair

Now use your fingers to create the Mohawk. You should start by combing all of this hair over to one side and then taking a section in your hand from above so that you can make sure it’s straight, but not too tight or loose on top. Now take the other half of your hair that is long or still down and place it in front of the comb or brush. It is best to start on one side of your head and work towards the middle if you want a more even Mohawk, but this isn’t always necessary.

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You can also use styling gel or wax for some added hold, which will help keep everything in place throughout the day.

Where does Patrick Mahomes get his haircut?

Patrick Mahomes’ personal barber is DeJuan Bonds, the owner of Purple Label Luxury Barbershop. From what we know so far about Patrick Mahomes and his haircut preferences, it seems like he likely gets a pretty standard men’s cut from this local Kansas City business.

Patrick Mahomes barber

Note: Purple Label Luxury Barbershop is the perfect spot to get a haircut from DeJuan Bonds. His haircuts are designed for men, but they also specialize in cutting women’s hair too!

Patrick Mahomes beard:

Patrick home has a chin puff beard. The chin puff can be as tiny or as large as you like, but moderate trimming will be required to keep it at a precise length.

The reason why there is so much work involved is that even if only a small area of your face is occupied by facial hair, you have to shave the rest of the face, neck, mustache and under the lip to maintain the appeal of the puff

Does Patrick Mahomes barber have Covid in Feb 2021?

In Feb 2021, Patrick Mahomes had a planned haircut in Kansas City. However, a day before his haircut, they found out the barber who was supposed to cut him has Covid. As soon as the results came, the barber was replaced by another barber.

This was buzzing news among his fans and in the NFL sporting community.

Patrick Mahomes haircut back:

Here are the pictures of Patrick Mahomes’s haircut back.

Patrick Mahomes hair back

It’s a comb-over with shaved sides, so it can go either way for men or women. The hair on top of your head goes to one side and is then flipped in an upward direction while the other side remains cut short.

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Patrick Mahomes fade haircut

His fade haircut is just one of the many styles that he can rock with his naturally curly hair. Mahomes and his stylist use what they call “the perfect cut” to create any look for him. The clipper is used first to get rid of all the length, then a razor blade trims the sides and back before combing it with scissors in order to give it a more natural look.

Patrick Mahomes Fade haircut
Patrick Mahomes Fade haircut

It can be described as an old-school fade cut, or what some might call the “linebacker style.” It is popular with many professional athletes because it allows them to play while their hair grows out, and they want to avoid having long locks in the back of their jerseys for the game.

Haircut like Patrick Mahomes

Here are some of the real-life people who had the Patrick Mahomes haircut:

How much does it cost to do Patrick Mahomes haircut?

Usually, it does not cost much. It costs between $30 to $40 for a men’s haircut at the high-end salon and as little as $10-$20 if you go somewhere cheaper barbershops around your place. For Patrick Mahomes’s hairstyle, we recommend looking at Supercuts prices which are usually the cheapest, and offer a similar haircut.

Also check the American football quarterback’s icon Aaron Rodgers hairstyle for more ideas!!

To wrap up: This article has provided you with a comprehensive overview of Patrick Mahomes’s haircut. If you are looking to emulate his style, we have given insight into the different styles he can pull off and how much they cost in order to help your decision process. Plus, there is also information on where you might be able to get this particular hairstyle done too! We hope that reading through our guide will give you some ideas about what best suits your needs and budget!

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