25 Medium Length Hairstyles for Men with Thick Hair

If a man doesn’t know what cut to get or isn’t into styling and is overall clueless about the grooming game, then most likely he’ll ask the barber to “cut it to a medium level”.

This is the most popular form of hair cut level for men out there. I know you’re going for a medium length, but there’s one more thing you should know and that is how to style your hair! 

So here are the medium length thick hairstyles for men!

Best Thick Medium Length Hairstyles For Men

#1 – Textured Crop with Fringe 

best medium length hairstyle

The textured crop with fringe is one of those “I got out of bed like this” looks. It’s messy, yet stylish and it can create quite a flutter. So what is a textured crop?

Basically, It’s a haircut that has a zig-zag pattern that gives you a textured style. It’s simple, easy and uber cool. You pair that with a fringe and then you get a cool hairstyle that looks stylish, casual and ultra-smart.

It’s a perfect hairstyle for any situation that includes the workplace or even for date night! This is the first hairstyle in our list of medium length hairstyles! 

#2 – Drop Fade with Wavy Hair 

medium length hairstyle for wavy hair

I have wavy hair and the only issue I have with it is, sometimes my hair behaves and sometimes it doesn’t! So how do you control your wavy hairstyle? Drop fade it. Wavy hair gets a little messy and the only way to control it is to have less of it.

The Drop Fade with Wavy Hair is the perfect style for out wavy-haired boys. This style basically has some hair on top that is of a medium-cut and wavy with very short sides that have been removed with a clipper. It’s neat yet messy and perfect for the summer!

If you have wavy hair, this is a must-try. 

#3 – The Medium Pompadour 

medium pompadour

The pompadour is a classic cut that generally needs a lot of hair. But have you ever heard of the medium pompadour? The Medium pompadour is basically the classic pompadour but with lesser hair. Be mindful that this hairstyle requires quite a bit of maintenance and it’s not easy to get styled at home.

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You need to go to the salon to get it done. A pompadour, for those of you who are unaware, is your classic slick back that is raised to give it more prominence. Perfect for events and might even be a perfect cut for when you want to show off. Looks great with a suit! 

#4 – Slicked Back Hair + High Fade

slicked back medium length hairstyle

I’ve seen enough Godfather movies and gangster movies to know that this is the hairstyle I need if I need to look badass and cool at the same time.

The classic slicked back with a medium hairstyle is a perfect haircut that is super neat and makes you look suave with a capital S. It’s a style that you can ready at home.

You just need a gel and a really good comb. This is a perfect style for parties, day to day outings and even for special events! If you can rock a slicked back, you can almost rock anything! 

#5 – Side Part Pomp 

side part medium length hairstyle

The Side Part Pomp is one of my secret favourite hairstyles. Why? It’s not traditional, it’s not out of the ordinary, but it still looks different and it looks like you have styled your hair.

So how does a side part pomp look? It’s an amalgamation of the classic side part with the extravagant pompadour.

So when you are styling your hair into a pompadour, you push your hair to the side, ever so slightly. In this day and age, the side part pomp comes with a side fade that can be a slow fade or a deep fade. 

#6 – Medium Length Cut Wavy Hair Slicked Back

wavy hair for medium length hair

The Wavy Hair slicked back. What is that? In very simple terms. It’s the normal slicked back but with wavy hair. This is a very underrated hairstyle for men with wavy hair.

The best part is? When you slick back, wavy hair, it looks uber stylish and also makes it look super-natural.

It’s a perfect cut for those people who want to look stylish, but don’t want to look like they have styled their hair. It’s a perfect hairstyle for any situation that includes the workplace, a party or an event! 

#8 – High Quiff + Fade 

high quiff medium length hair

When you got it, you need to flaunt it. I’ve never had my hair flat. I hate that look. My hair has never been flattened because I don’t like the way it looks. If you have hair that can stand up, then make sure to go all the way.

When you have medium length hair, then “quiffing” it will not make it look bad or unprofessional. So what’s a quiff? It’s basically your hair raised up but that doesn’t look like it’s spiked up.

You pair this hairstyle with a fade on the side, and then you have a winner. If you want to look absolutely handsome, then this is the hairstyle to go for. 

#9 – Messy Textured Top with Side Hair 

messy textured quiff hairstyle

One of the classic medium cuts is when you get every side evenly cut. This is a traditional style, but oh it can look swashbuckling if done right.

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The messy textured top is when you get a textured medium cut on the top portion of your head while keeping the sides normal and trimmed.

This is a classic cut and it can look uber smart, if done well. If you want a hairstyle that isn’t too out there and that is ridiculous, go for this classic cut! 

#10 – Long Comb Over with Side Part 

long comb medium length hairstyle

A comb-over is when you run your comb across your head in one sweeping motion that looks neat and clean! When you cut your hair to a medium length, you can still comb it over.

But a combover with a side part makes it even more stylish.

So how do you get this style? Make sure that your hair is wet or gelled and then comb it over towards one side with a side partition.

This is uber stylish and is a perfect hairstyle for events, parties, office and other important occasions. It works especially well with long hair.

#11 – Messy Hair 

messy medium length hairstyle

Not a lot of people can afford to go with messy hair. But you can kind of pull it off when you have a medium cut. So how does a messy hair look?

All you have to do is, bathe and then dry your hair and let your hair loose. This is a look that not everybody can pull off, but if you want to pull it off, then you need a medium cut.

May not be suitable for people who go to a very professional work environment! 

#12 – Spiked Hair 

spiked hair medium length hairstyle

Oh the spikes! I love the spikes. It’s the human version of the peacock feather dance. Spiked hair can look super stylish and it’s not a hairstyle that is restricted to teenage boys who love football.

If you want to pull off spikes, then it’s best to have a medium cut. You don’t have to douse your hair gel and look shiny for spiky hair.

You can do the dry spikes that look stylish and will easily make you look younger. Perfect hairstyle for somebody who is a risk-taker! 

#13 – The Everything Quiff 

mens hair medium length styles

This is a hairstyle that I made up and it is one of the most perfect hairstyles for a man with medium length hair. Generally, when a person sports a quiff, the hair is raised in the front on the top portion. With everything quiff, your entire hair is raised up and pushed up. This is a style that can be pulled off only when you have medium hair, as it will look downright weird with long hair. 

#14 – Bro Flow

Sexy and romantic, the bro flow will make sure all the ladies will want to put their fingers through your hair. The bro flow haircut is a mens classic medium length haircut.

#15 – Blowout medium length hairstyle

If you want a more professional look to go along with your medium length hair, this hairstyle is a good pick.

#16 – Slick Back

Another medium length haircut that just screams professionalism is the slick back. It’s a classic this one and is great for men with square jaws.

#17 – Hard Part

One of the best haircut for men who love going the old school way. This hard part is probably one of the easiest styles to maintain. It gives the perfect “good boy” vibes.

#18 – Comb Over

Neat, stylish and old school, the comb over is one of the best medium length hairstyles for men.

#19 – Tousled medium length hairstyle

This medium length hairstyle for men gives off the “straight out of bed” vibes. It’s a vacation classic.

#20 – Man Braids medium length hairstyle

Who says only girls can have braids? Bring out your inner viking by braiding your medium length hair. It’s one of the most sought after men’s hairstyles in 2021.

#21 – Low Fade medium length hairstyle

Even with medium length hair, you can get play around with fades. This is one of the best men’s layered haircut for medium locks.

#22 – Fringe medium length hairstyle

A great choice for teenage guys, this hairstyle gives an impression of youth and playfulness.

#23 – Faux Hawk

This is a mens layered haircut for medium hair. You can use a gel or wax to keep the longer sections of your hair in a faux hawk.

#24 – Mohawk hairstyle

Want to stand out? This mohawk is the best haircut for men who live life on the edge. Don’t forget to get a good pomade to keep your hair this way.

#25- Medium Fauxhawk hairstyle for men

medium fauxhawk

The medium fauxhawk is a great way to add versatility to your hair. It can be as messy or professional as you desire.

Some of the best hairstyles for men comes with medium hair. Not with long hair, not with short hair. Medium hair is perfectly suited for most men and if you want the best medium length hairstyles for men, then look no further than the list above.

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