Hyunjin Hairstyle

HyunJin was born on March 20, 2000, and is the main dancer for Block B. He placed 4th in the DNA Model Challenge and introduced himself as the “Dancing Machine.” In the band, he is known as the “Primary Dancer.” He is also a sub-vocalist, visual director, and lead rapper.

Hyunjin Hairstyle
HyunJin Haircut

Hyunjin of Stray Kids has been known for his long hair, which he’s been growing out of since the group’s debut in March of 2017.

Hyunjin has tried various hairstyles with his long hair, including an untied blond style, a dark black-colored style with extensions, and a variety of accessories.

Here is the video tutorial from Hair Bender channel – explaining how to get Hyunjin’s haircut:

Hyunjin’s Career:

HyunJin is a lead singer, dancer, and creative leader of a South Korean boy group Stray Kids. Hyunjin was discovered by JYP Entertainment at the age of 13 and was signed to become a trainee.

HyunJin Hairstyle
HyunJin with Pony

He trained with the label for 5 years before debuting as a member of SHINee, one of K-Pop’s most famous boybands.

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After completing the world tour with SHINee, he was approached to join a new group called Stray Kids.

He is currently working on their first mini-album and is gaining significant popularity as one of the members who rap in Korean and Japanese.

Hyunjin’s Hairstyle:

When HyunJin did his debut, he had shoulder-length black hair that didn’t look like anything on television at the time. Since then, his Hairstyle has evolved from long black hair to long brown hair to an untied prince-like topknot.

The members talked about how they thought he’d get a lot of criticism for his Hairstyle when they debuted, but the criticism never came. In fact, it became a sensation, and it seems like fans really love it when he changes up his look and tries to predict what style he’ll do next.

Hyunjin Hairstyle

There’s a reason why people are all obsessed with Hyunjin’s hair: the man has proven that he can make any hairstyle work for him. From his signature ponytail to braids and even a low bun, he pulls off every look with ease.

The fashionable k-pop idol is constantly switching up his top knots, and it never fails to impress. Recently, he’s been rocking variations of the low bun, and it’s been taking overfeeds. It’s easy for anyone to recreate it at home, too.

HyunJin cut his hair short:

Hyunjin debuted his new haircut at Music Bank on September 24, 2021. He performed “Youth” and “Hellevator” with the group and appeared in several emotional group photos wearing his new style.

Hyunjin Hairstyle
HyunJin with Short hair

His fans are still dealing with the loss of his long hair, which had become legendary within Stays fandom. We have to say that fans are a little disappointed by the fact that Hyunjin chose to shave off his famous locks instead of just trimming them back a bit.

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How to get Hyunjin’s Hairstyle?

The key to Hyunjin’s Hairstyle is in its flow. Just like how you want your hair to be as natural-looking as possible, Hyunjin’s hairdo also keeps the movement of his hair while still keeping it professional.

To reach this look, you’ll want to start with a wet head of hair or spray some water on there to get it damp.

Once you have a wet head, comb out your hair until it’s completely smooth and tangle-free. You’ll also want to brush out any cowlicks. Once your hair is soft and tangle-free, use a curling iron or straightener on the top layers of your hair to give them long, loose waves.

Be careful not to burn yourself! Once you’ve curled the top layer of hair, dry it using a high-quality diffuser attachment for your blow dryer. Go slow so that your ends stay curly, but the top remains straight.

When drying your hair, keep one hand on your forehead to feel how much heat is coming from the attachment—you don’t want to burn yourself! If your ends are staying curly, carefully comb them out with a wide.


Hyunjin’s Hairstyle with long hair is one of the most famous hairstyles this year, and it is trending in Asian countries. Those who have long hair should try it.

It does not require much effort or help from professional stylists as well. You will get a better outcome of your own hands. Carry out some research on various kinds of styling to get the best look for yourself.

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