Demi Moore Haircut

Demi Moore is an American actress who has been in the public eye since her movie debut in 1980. She’s starred in many films, including Ghost, G.I. Jane, A Few Good Men and Indecent Proposal. Her hair has changed over the years from long to short to blonde to brown with highlights, and she always seems to pull it off effortlessly!

Demi Moore Haircut over the years:

1980-1985: Moore had shoulder-length hair in her early years as an actress. It was light brown with natural highlights.

Demi Moore 80’s haircut

1986-1991: Moore cut her hair short for the movie, G.I. Jane. She kept it this length until 1992.

Demi Moore Haircut
Demi Moore in G.I Jane

1992-2000: Moore went back to her natural shade of light brown/dirty blonde in 1996 and kept it that way until 2000. She started playing with different shades during this time period, which is when she tried out the highlighted look for the first time.

2000-2003: Moore’s hair color lightened slightly in 2000, but it wasn’t until 2001 that her blonde really started to get lighter. She continued this trend for the next few years and by 2003, was sporting a very bright platinum shade of blonde. I personally think she looked better when she had more natural shades as opposed to ashy or brassy tones.

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2004-2008: Moore went back to her light brown shade in 2004 and started wearing it more often than blonde by 2005. She dyed her hair a darker, richer color for this time period, which I’m personally glad about because the lighter blondes didn’t really suit here well.

2009-Present: Moore has been wearing her hair in a shoulder-length, layered bob with bangs and lighter highlights for the past few years. She looks great!

2020: Demi Moore went really blonde for her movie “Brave”. Also, you can read more on Demi Moore’s filmography here.

Demi Moore Haircut in Friends:

In the early 1990s, Demi Moore was one of Hollywood’s best-known actresses. She had an extremely recognizable haircut that made her stand out among other women. This is how she got this look:

Demi Moore Haircut

Moore’s hairstylist at the time, Sunnie Brook, gave her a layered bob with lots of long, undone layers in the front. The style was very popular at the time, and many other celebrities adopted it. Moore kept her hair short for several years, before growing it out again in the late 1990s.

If you want to try this look for yourself, ask your stylist for a layered bob with lots of long layers in the front. You can also add some waves or curls to give it a more undone feel.

Demi Moore Haircut in Ghost

In 1990, Demi Moore starred in the movie Ghost and she made headlines with her short haircut. The haircut was very popular at the time and many women copied her style. The hairstyle was very sleek and showed off her features nicely. Moore looked great in the role and the haircut helped to enhance her performance.

Demi Moore in Ghost movie

The short hair really suited her well, and it made her look sophisticated. She was able to make the character believable with a short haircut that showed off a high forehead, which is often seen in ghost movies. Her hair also looked very healthy in this movie because there were no split ends or frizzing going on!

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Demi Moore’s current hairstyle

Demi Moore is now 59 years old, and her current hairstyle is quite different from the one she had in Ghost. She has been wearing her hair long lately, and it is often styled into a sleek bob.

Demi Moore current Haircut
Demi Moore Haircut

The length of her hair really suits her face shape, and the color looks great on her skin tone. Her hair doesn’t look too thick or thin, and it is always styled nicely for events. Moore looks great with long hair, but she has also looked good in her previous short hairstyles!


Demi Moore is a Hollywood actress that has been in the spotlight for decades. She’s had many different hairstyles over the years, but one of her most well-known styles was when she wore it short and sleek with lots of layers in front. This cut made her stand out among other actresses because it was so unique at the time! If you want to try this look for yourself, ask your stylist for a layered bob with lots of long layers in the front. You can also add some waves or curls to give it a more undone feel. I personally think Demi looks great with both short hair as well as longer lengths, which is what makes her such an iconic style icon today!

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