Eric Hosmer Hairstyle

Eric Hosmer is a professional baseball player for the Kansas City Royals. He was born on September 8, 1988, in Riverside, California, and has been playing professionally since 2008. He bats right-handed and throws right-handed. Eric Hosmer has a high and tight haircut which fans love.

Eric Hosmer Hairstyle

Eric Hosmer is a first baseman for Kansas City Royals. Eric Hosmer is a Kansas City Royals first baseman. He visited the University of Miami and was signed in 2008 by the Kansa City Royals. In 2016 he won Gold Glove Award, Silver Slugger Award, and World Series MVP award, as well as made his second All-Star team appearance.

Eric’s career

Eric started his career with the Royals after being drafted by them out of high school in 2006. Back in October of 2008, he occurred in his first game with the team against Tampa Bay, where he hit two singles and one RBI before fouling out at the end of the game. Hosmer is a three-time All-Star and won the Gold Glove in 2017. He has also helped lead the Royals to two World Series Championships in 2015 and again in 2015.

Eric plays third base for the San Diego Padres. He was born in Cooperstown, New York, on October 24, 1989, and then went to high school at Archbishop Mitty High School, where he graduated there in 2008. Hosmer was signed out of high school by the Kansas City Royals in 2006, but he didn’t get his big league debut until May 22, 2011, when they played against the Cincinnati Reds. In his first at-bat, he blasted a home run. Hosmer was the American League Rookie of the Year for 2011.

Eric Hosmer Hairstyle

Hosmer has always been known for his powerful swing and his ability to make contact with the plate. He batted over .300 in four consecutive seasons from 2013-2016, including a career-high mark of 318 during the 2016 season.

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Eric’s awards

In 2016 he won Gold Glove Award, Silver Slugger Award, and World Series MVP award, as well as made his second All-Star team appearance.

Hosmer is a three-time All-Star and was the American League MVP in 2018. He’s also won four Gold Glove Awards and two Silver Slugger Awards in his career.

Hosmer signed a contract with the San Diego Padres for $144 million in February 2019.

Eric’s hairstyle

Eric Hosmer has sported several different hairstyles over the years. He is most well-known, however, for his current look – a high and tight haircut. This style leaves little hair on top of the head, with the sides and back trimmed short. While it can be difficult to maintain for some people, Hosmer seems to have nailed the look.

Eric Hosmer Hairstyle

Many people are unsure whether or not they can pull off a high and tight haircut while also being a great shave. Hosmer is proof that you can – as long as you style it correctly. If you’re looking to try out this popular hairstyle, we recommend following these tips:

Eric Hosmer’s hairstyle can change quite frequently, but he typically keeps it long on top with a shaved haircut underneath. He also wears his hair curly or wavy most of the time.

Hosmer’s hair was shorter back in 2012 when he first started with the Royals. He had a more standard haircut with no fade and shorter hair on top.

One of the most distinctive features of Eric’s appearance is his hairstyle. He often sports a high-fade haircut with long curly hair on top. The fade is often high and sometimes has a line of skin showing at the bottom.

Hosmer is known for his mullet haircut. He has also been seen sporting a mohawk mullet and, more recently, a beard haircut. His mullet hairstyle is one of the most recognizable in baseball.

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How to get Eric’s hairstyle?

– Use a good quality hair product to keep your hair in place.

If you’re looking to get Eric Hosmer’s high and tight haircut, we recommend heading to a barbershop that can give you the right style. It’s important to find a barber who knows how to cut this type of haircut and will be able to provide you with the look you want.

Eric Hosmer Hairstyle

We hope these tips have helped and that you now feel confident in your ability to get Eric Hosmer’s high and tight.

You can rock Eric Hosmer’s high and rigid haircut like a pro with a little bit of effort.


Eric Hosmer’s haircut is high and tight. It’s based on the prep fade. The sides are buzzed short, leaving most of the hair loose on top. This creates a great look for any man with fine or straight hair.

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