De Gea Haircut

David De Gea Quintana, known as David de Gea (born Nov 7, 1990), is a Spanish professional footballer who plays as a goalkeeper for the English club Manchester United and the Spain national team. In 2014, he was selected for having being considered one of the 3 best goalkeepers in the world of that year. He has been named on FIFA FIFPro World XI twice in 2015 and 2016.

De Gea Haircut

De Gea has had various hairstyles throughout his career, ranging from fade haircut to undercut. His haircut is very fashionable; it is up to some extent. When you take a look at him, you will be attracted by his haircut!.

De Gea career achievements:

De Gea was named the Best Young Player of the 2012–13 UEFA Champions League and was also included in the 2013–14 UEFA Champions League Team of the Season. In 2015, De Gea received the Golden Glove award for the third time in four years and won his first Premier League Golden Glove award in 2016.

On 16 January 2017, De Gea made his 100th Premier League appearance for Manchester United against Walsall in the third round of the FA Cup.

De Gea played for Spain at under-17 and under-19 levels before making his debut for the senior team in 2011. He was selected for that year’s FIFA U-20 World Cup in Colombia and helped Spain win their first title at any level since 1985.

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De Gea haircut:

One of the most iconic hairstyles of all time, David De Gea’s haircuts continue to change and evolve. At first, he had the fade haircut. For anyone who doesn’t know, a fade is when hair is longer on top than at the bottom. Then, he had an undercut, which is when the hair is shaved in a straight line around the forehead and along the sides.

De Gea Haircut

De Gea’s Fade Haircut:

He had an early look that resembled a taper fade: straight across at the top, tapering down to the sides and back. It is ideal for people who want to show off their natural hairline but still want to maintain a cool style.

Later, De Gea had a low fade cut with more volume in the top: he had more hair on top than in the back and sides. Finally, De Gea wore a skin fade: the hair was blended seamlessly into the skin, which is essentially a high fade that is longer on top than at the bottom. The skin fade provided him with an edgy look while also keeping him looking professional.

De Gea’s Undercut:

David De Gea’s undercut haircut has been his signature style since he arrived at Manchester United in 2011. His hairstyle is no accident—in fact, it was carefully crafted by his personal hairstylist and barber.

De Gea Haircut

The undercut is the reverse of a mohawk: rather than shaving all of your hair on the sides and leaving only hair on top of your head, you shave all of your hair on the top of your head. Then you can grow out whatever length you choose for the hair that grows on the sides.

De Gea’s undercut is incredibly distinctive because it doesn’t have an obvious part or line down the middle as many other styles do; instead, it looks like he shaves his entire head except for one strip right in the center. This gives him a wide appearance from far away.

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David de Gea’s buzzcut has been a hit around the world. It’s no wonder—the Manchester United goalkeeper is always looking sharp.

“I think this is an excellent haircut for someone with a strong jawline,” says Maria Hatzidakis, stylist at Avanti Hair Design in downtown Seattle. “He must have a very masculine face shape.”

De Gea trolled for his top knot haircut:

In October 2017, Manchester United goalie David de Gea was trolled for wearing a top knot haircut, which was considered unprofessional.

The look was a top knot, which is basically just a ponytail on top of the head. It’s the kind of hairstyle that soccer players often wear when they are getting ready for a match to keep their hair out of their face.

De Gea Haircut

However, some people found this hairstyle to be too trendy for a professional player and actually trolled him online, saying things like “get a haircut David” and “‘get rid of that top knot real quick.”


As you can see, a De Gea haircut can be bold. It requires being at the top of your game, on and off the pitch. He is a stylish kind of leader with strong interpersonal skills, and his hair is a statement of his confidence, versatility, and positive attitude. Growing up in Spain, he must have enjoyed making such a bold fashion statement.

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