What to apply before using a hair straightener?

There are many options to apply before straightening your hair. They all help to protect your hair from heat, they all help to make your hair look shiny and healthy, and they all help to make your hair look smooth and silky. Some of these products include:

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Heat protection sprays

Heat protection sprays are the most common product used with hair styling tools. These sprays contain ingredients such as silicone and alcohol that protect the hair from heat damage by forming a barrier between your strands and the heated tool. A good heat protection spray should be lightweight enough that it doesn’t weigh down your hair or make it look greasy.

It should also have a pleasant smell so that you don’t have to worry about smelling like an old factory worker after using it! Finally, a good heat protection spray should not contain any alcohol or silicone derivatives like Cyclomethicone or dimethicone, which can be very drying for our locks.

Hair waxes or gels

Hair waxes or gels are another product that can be used with flat irons or curling irons. These products will add shine, texture, hold and curl definition to your hair.

Thermal protectant sprays

Thermal Protectant sprays are ideal for protecting your hair against heat damage. It works by forming a barrier on the surface of your hair, preventing it from being damaged by heat.

Sprays work fast, and they’re easy to apply. Just spray the required amount onto your hand, then rub your hands together and run it through the ends of your hair until you’ve covered all of it.

You can also spray the product directly onto dry hair before using heat on it. This will ensure that your scalp doesnt burn while styling.

The most important thing is to make sure you use the right product for you. You want something that won’t weigh down your tresses or make your hair look greasy.

Look for products with silicone or dimethicone as an ingredient — they’ll keep your locks shiny and frizz-free while protecting them from heat damage like no other product can!

Some well-known Thermal protectant sprays are BBLUNT Hot Shot – Heat Protection Hair Mist – 150ml. TONI&GUY Heat Protection Hair Mist, 150ml, Aberlite Beard care Natural Hair Heat Protection Spray, QLERIX Premium Hair Heat Protector Hair protection Spray.

Hair oils

In addition to using heat protectant sprays, it’s also a good idea to apply a natural oil before straightening your hair. This will help in smoothing the cuticle and prevent damage from occurring.

You should use a small amount of oil on dry hair—about the size of a pea should be plenty for most people. Spread it evenly throughout your strands, and then move on to applying the heat protectant spray (if you haven’t already).

Leave-in conditioner

A Leave-in conditioner is a great choice for people with dry hair, curly and thick . It can help lock in moisture, making it easier to tame unruly locks. The product will smooth out the cuticles of your locks, making your curls more manageable and shiny.

It helps reduce frizziness by creating an even surface so that heat won’t get trapped between strands as much as it would if you didn’t use the product before styling (which leads us to..).

A Leave-in conditioner is also ideal for thinning or fine locks because it adds volume while softening strands, so they don’t break off easily when heated up by your straightener!

Styling lotion

Styling lotion is a leave-in conditioner, heat protectant, and detangling product. It also provides shine and helps hold the hair in place.

Before straightening your hair, apply styling lotion to wet or dry hair and comb through with a wide-toothed comb. After straightening, use the same lotion for shine, frizz control, and touch-ups throughout the day.

If you have curly hair, use styling lotion on damp hair before curling it with hot rollers or curling irons to prevent damage from the hot metal barrel.


Many people have trouble deciding on the best kind of product to use before using their hair straightener. They feel that they should be adding moisture, not taking it away, because they know that their hair can be very dry or even brittle at times. Therefore, you will want to steer clear of products with alcohol as one of the ingredients. Alcohols tend to strip the hair rather than moisturize it.

Also, if a product lists glycerin as an ingredient and does not list water, then it is likely not good for applying before using flat irons. Glycerin can actually coat your hair strands instead of imparting any benefits to them. Finally, if a product is labeled as a ‘leave-in conditioner,’ go with your gut feeling and steer clear of these products completely!

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