Ryan Garcia haircut

Ryan Garcia is an American professional boxer. Ryan Garcia has the Drop fade haircut.

Ryan Garcia haircut

The Drop Fade haircut is a high and tight version of the fade haircut. It is similar to the temple taper but with a bit more length on top.

Ryan Garcia Career

Ryan Garcia is a professional boxer who held the WBC interim lightweight title from January to May 2021. As of May 2022, he is ranked as the world’s sixth-best active lightweight by The Ring magazine and the Transnational Boxing Rankings Board and ESPN, and tenth by BoxRec.

Ryan Garcia haircut

Ryan Garcia was born in Los Angeles, California, on 8 August 1998 to Carlos Garcia and Elizabeth Carrillo. He has two older sisters, Reyna and Letty. His mother died when he was ten years old after being diagnosed with lung cancer.

Ryan Garcia haircut

Garcia began boxing at age six when his father took him to a local gym in East Los Angeles called the “South Central Boxing Club.” Here he learned how to box under the tutelage of trainers Manny Robles and Ramon Valadez Sr. Overtime; he developed into a talented amateur fighter with an impressive record of 157 wins out of 209 bouts as well as titles at both the National Police Athletic League (NAPO) Nationals and Junior Olympics tournaments.

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Ryan Garcia haircut

Ryan Garcia has the Drop fade haircut. The Drop Fade haircut is a high and tight version of the fade haircut. It is similar to the temple taper but with a bit more length on top.

The drop fade has been around for many years now and has been popularized by celebrities like Justin Bieber, Lil Wayne, and Zac Efron. This style can be worn with or without hair on top, depending on your preference.

Ryan Garcia haircut

The drop fade is made up of two different lengths – one that fades from the bottom to the back of your head (the “Drop”), and another that fades from the sideburns to the top of your head (the “Fade”).

Drop fade haircut

The drop fade is a modern variation of the high and tight. It involves cutting the sides of the head down to skin level, with longer hair on top. The drop fade can be styled in many different ways, including a Mohawk or faux hawk.

The drop fade haircut is one of the most popular and versatile haircuts for men today. It’s perfect for all types of hair textures and lengths, from thick to fine, from short to long.

The drop fade haircut is a style that suits both young and older men alike. Even if you have an oval face shape or a round face shape, you can still wear this style easily and look great.

Ryan Garcia haircut

Because it’s so versatile, it’s a great style for business professionals who want to look professional at work but also want to add a little edge to their look for nights out on the town or during weekends off work.

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How to get the Drop fade haircut?

Drop fade haircut is a popular hairstyle that is most commonly found in African-American men. It is a variation of the tapered haircut, and it can be achieved using clippers or scissors. The drop fade is characterized by a gradual transition between the top of the head and the sides of the head. This transition is achieved in several ways:

Using clippers, you will have to start with longer hair on top and then cut down to shorter hair at the sides. You will have to do this slowly until you get your desired length at the crown.

You can also use scissors to achieve this look. This method requires more precision because you will have to cut each strand of hair individually without cutting too much off on anyone strand. You can also use both clippers and scissors at once for an even more drastic effect.


The drop fade haircut features a fade from long to short from the temple to the back and sides of the head. The bulk of the hair is kept short, roughly around two inches. This style can be accompanied by a beard that slightly overlaps with the sideburns.

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