Ricky Vaughn Haircut

Ricky “Wild Thing” Vaughn is the most memorable character in Major League, along with Pedro Cerrano. This character needs some specific kind of haircut which is popularly known as “Wild Thing.”

Such haircut design was used by baseball players or fans who were big fans of the Major League. This haircut has become popular among kids and teenagers.

Who is Ricky Vaughn?

Ricky Vaughn is the main protagonist in Major League 2 and the deuteragonist of Major League, played by Charlie Sheen. He is the pitcher for the Cleveland Indians. He was a former minor league pitcher, who had a problem with his control, but after joining the Indians, he improved his control and became one of their best pitchers.

Haircut Inspired By Vaughn

He was born Richard Vaughn on February 8, 1962, in Santa Monica, California. In his childhood, he was placed in foster care when his father abandoned him and his mother due to her drug use. He developed an addiction to drugs himself and was sent to juvenile hall for drug possession at age 13, where he met Pedro Cerrano. He later cleaned up his act and went into baseball, signing with the Charlotte Hornets as a first-round draft pick in 1981.

Vaughn’s calling card was “Wild Thing,” a 100+ mph fastball that he usually threw for strikes with great success. In addition to Wild Thing, he possessed a devastating slider;

However, after suffering from elbow pain in September of 1989, Vaughn began throwing fewer fastballs in favor of change-ups and other off-speed pitches.

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Ricky Vaughn Haircut

The Ricky Vaughn haircut is a famous hairstyle for men that was made popular in the movie Major League. The hairstyle was inspired by the lead actor’s character, an eccentric pitcher named Ricky “Wild Thing” Vaughn.

Ricky Vaugh Haircut

The Ricky Vaughn haircut is a casual style many men love. It combines a crew cut with a mohawk to create a unique look and is called the jagged hairstyle.

Jagged Hairstyle

A jagged cut is a fun, casual style many men love. It’s spiked up on top, but the sides are left longer. The cut is layered with a clipper guard as short as a half-inch and then graduated to longer lengths. This hairstyle works well with hair that has a natural wave or curls.

Haircut Inspired By Vaughn

This classic hairstyle is short at the temples and nape of the neck and long on top. It can be styled messy or sleek. The “waves” are created by cutting the hair into thin layers so that the longer layers are not weighed down by the shorter layers on top.

For this look, you will need to use strong styling products like wax or pomade to keep your hairstyle in place all through the day.

How to get a Jagged Hairstyle?

Start by using the comb to sweep all of the man’s hair to one side. Create a part on one side of the head that is roughly level with the top of the forehead, and shift the hair to the side where the hair is naturally thinner.

Ricky Vaughn Haircut
Haircut Inspired By Vaughn

The first half of the hair is turned upward, exposing the bottom layer. Hold your thumb directly behind your index finger and position your remaining fingers on top. Sandwich a sub-section of hair that is about 1 inch (2.5 cm) wide between your thumb and index fingers, as well as your continuing fingers. This helps keep the hair secure while you’re cutting.

Cut off a thin flat layer by moving down through it, as you would do with a pair of scissors, instead of up through it (as you would do with a knife). The haircut should be about 1/4 inch (.6 cm) in length.

Haircut Inspired By Vaughn

Repeat this procedure for each sub-section, only changing directions by rotating around 1/8 turn clockwise per sub-section. This creates layers that are progressively shorter than those above them, giving a jagged effect to the haircut.


Ricky Vaughn Haircut
Haircut Inspired By Vaughn

A jagged haircut is one that has numerous layers, and these tend to slant in different directions. A jagged haircut has a modern appeal, so do not shy away from trying it with your hair. All in all, this jagged hairstyle is suitable for anyone who wants a trendy and funky look.