Mauro Icardi Haircut

Professional footballer Mauro Emanuel Icardi, who is commonly referred to as Mauro Icardi or just Mauro, is an Argentine professional football player. He currently works as a striker for Inter Milan and the Argentine national team, where he is the captain and has helped him be one of Europe’s best forwards.

He has a haircut which is known as a “Fade Haircut,” with a side part and features short sides with back faded into longer front sections.

The sides of this particular haircut are cut short and gradually blended into the longer hair on top, which is also short. This style is a popular one for men, who can choose to keep their hair cut close to their head or have it falling onto their forehead.

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Here is tutorial to get a Fade haircut with a side part by Chris Bossio:

Mauro Icardi Career

Icardi first came to prominence in his native Argentina as a child playing with Vecindario, and he later transferred to the Serie A club of Sampdoria in 2012.

After a successful stint with the youth teams of Vecindario, Mauro Icardi transferred to the Serie A club of Sampdoria in July 2012. In 2013, Icardi transferred to Inter Milan after an impressive season with Sampdoria.

In his debut season with Inter Milan, he was awarded the ‘Capocannoniere’ after scoring 26 goals in 35 Serie A matches.

In 2014-2015, Icardi became one of Europe’s most prolific goal scorers, and he was awarded the ‘Capocannoniere’ title twice. He is also the youngest player to earn the award, having been born 22 years early. This award is awarded to the top scorer in Italian football and is considered one of the country’s most prestigious honors.

In 2017-2018, Icardi broke Javier Zanetti’s record for most goals scored for Inter Milan in a single season and was named the captain of their team.

Mauro Icardi Haircut

Icardi signed on with Paris Saint Germain in 2019 after helping them win a domestic treble and won the ‘Golden Boot’ title for his performance with Argentina in the 2018 World Cup.

Mauro Icardi Haircut

Mauro Icardi’s haircut is a fade with a side part. A fade haircut is a type of men’s hairstyle that extends from the front to the back of the head, with a design on the crown area. The sides and back are cut on the outside.

Fade haircut

A fade is a small haircut in which the sides are trimmed and buzzed in order to generate a slick gradient effect varying from longer to shorter. There are several distinct types of fades, each named after the point at which the transition begins: high on the head, at the temples or center section, or low near the ears.

Mauro Icardi Haircut

The term “fade” appears to come from the 1970s, and it was originally used only for military-style haircuts. Nowadays, however, it has become a popular style for men’s haircuts overall.

A fade is often combined with an undercut (a similar haircut with less gradual changes in length), but while an undercut is typically paired with longer hair on top, a fade can be combined with any other style. A fade haircut when combined with a side part.

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How to get a Fade haircut with a side part?

When getting a fade haircut, one thing to remember is to start with your hairline and finish where you need the fade to end.

Mauro Icardi Haircut

For example, you may want the fade to start at the top of your ears and end at the middle of your neck, so you’d want to start at your hairline and use clippers to shave from the back of your head, slowly blending in until you reach where you want the fade to end. Keep in mind that the longer you want your hair on top of your head to be, the higher up you should start fading.

To determine where you want to part your hair and shave, determine where you want the side part of your hair. Then, use clippers or a razor to create that part.


The fade haircut with a side part is a great haircut. It’s very low maintenance and gives a great look. The fade haircut with a side part will be perfect for any type of lifestyle you have.

Fade hairstyle with a side part is an incredibly influential fade haircut that combines warm, simple looks with an incredibly cool new twist that makes it stand out from other types of fades.

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