Matt Smith Haircut

Matthew Robert Smith is an English actor known for his role as the eleventh incarnation of the Doctor in the BBC series Doctor Who and Prince Philip in the Netflix series The Crown.

The Matt Smith haircut is an excellent example of the Ivy League hairstyle. It’s a dapper cut which is comparatively longer than a crew cut yet a relatively short haircut. The Matt Smith haircut has become a popular choice with guys that want to look stylish and professional.

Matt Smith Career

Smith attended Northampton School for Boys, where he played sports, including cricket and football. He was head boy in the sixth form. He appeared in plays like The Master and Margarita and The History Boys while a member of the National Youth Theatre and the Oxford University Dramatic Society.

Matt Smith Haircut

He first worked with Steven Moffat when they were both actors in a production of A View from the Bridge at the Royal Court Theatre, featuring John Barrowman. When that production moved to Broadway in October 2008, Smith joined the cast, replacing Ben Whishaw as the character of Rodolfo.

In 2009, Smith appeared in the BBC One science fiction series Doctor Who as the Eleventh Doctor—the new incarnation of the Doctor after David Tennant’s Tenth Doctor—which began airing on 3 April 2010. Smith’s first episode, “The Eleventh Hour,” was watched by 10.08 million viewers and was BBC One’s highest rating drama debut since 2001.

His first entire series (Series 5) averaged 8.8 million viewers per week over its 13 episodes from April to June 2010, making it one of BBC One’s highest-rated shows of 2010 despite being shown opposite major sporting events during its run.

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Matt Smith Haircut

The Matt Smith haircut is the Ivy League hairstyle. It is a conservative hairstyle that has gained popularity lately due to its attention from celebrities and other public figures.

Matt Smith Haircut

The Matt Smith haircut incorporates the classic elements of a crew cut with an additional longer length on top to produce a stylish yet conservative look.

The Matt Smith haircut is slightly longer than the crew cut and is mostly partitioned to the side. The Matt Smith haircut has become a popular choice with guys that want to look stylish and professional but don’t want to go for the more traditional crew cut.

Ivy League Haircut

The ivy league haircut is the same as a crew cut, except there is enough hair left on top of the head to part. In addition to its flattering effect on masculine facial structures, this hairstyle also gives off an air of professionalism and maturity.

Matt Smith Haircut

Thanks to its low-maintenance and practical nature, the ivy league haircut is particularly popular among athletes. Its popularity has been bolstered by the fact that it can be achieved with almost any hair length, but it usually requires at least 2 inches of hair to style properly. This allows for variations on the basic look that range from conservative to more youthful.

How to get the Ivy League Haircut?

Dampen your hair and apply styling gel, then comb your hair straight back to its natural part.

Cut along the diagonal from the outer corner of each eye to the earlobe. The angle should be about 45 degrees.

Comb hair from the forehead toward the crown, holding the comb parallel to the floor. Cut along the diagonal.

Comb hair from temple to temple across the top of your head and make a horizontal cut at eyebrow level. Use short strokes while cutting, keeping the scissors parallel to the floor. At this point, cut off any long hairs that stick out of line at the top and sides.

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The Ivy League haircut is great for men who want a masculine yet stylish look. It makes your hair look clean and smart without being so long that it gets in your way. The biggest advantage of this hairstyle is its low maintenance, which makes it suitable for busy people and men who hate fussing over their hair.

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