John Stamos Haircut

John Stamos is an actor, producer, musician, and director. John Stamos has the crew haircut. John Stamos’s hairstyle is one of the most iconic hairstyles of all time. The crew cut was popularized by Elvis Presley and Marlon Brando. The crew cut requires little maintenance, which makes it easy for busy actors like John Stamos to maintain their hair without spending too much time on it.

The crew cut is a short haircut that goes right above the ears and behind the neck. It is one of the most versatile haircuts because it can be worn by both men and women.

John Stamos has been wearing his hair in this style since he was a young boy growing up in California. He has changed his hairstyle several times over the years, but he always goes back to this style because it suits him best and fits into his busy lifestyle as an actor who travels around the world meeting fans of Full House and Fuller House (the two shows he currently stars on).

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John Stamos Career

John Stamos is an American actor, producer, musician, and director. He is known for his work in television, especially a lead role in the sitcom Full House.

Stamos was born on December 19th, 1963, in Cypress, California. He started out his career as an actor at just 17 years old and has since been seen in many hit shows, including “General Hospital,” in which he appeared from 1983-to 1984.

In 1988 he got his big break when producers decided to bring back Full House after it had been canceled by ABC due to low ratings four years earlier, but this time they wanted John Stamos as a part of their cast! The show ended up running until 1995, with 193 episodes being produced overall over that period of time, so you can imagine how much work it took to create all those shows, let alone act them out too!

John Stamos Haircut

The crew cut is a hairstyle that features short sides and a flat top. The hair on the sides of your head is cut to about 1-2 millimeters long, while the top is left longer so that it can be combed up into a wave or spike. In other words, this style gives you more freedom to play around with how your hair looks.

Crew Haircut

The crew cut, also known as the military haircut, is a short hairstyle that is popular with men. The crew cut has been around since the 1950s and is usually worn by high-ranking officers in the military. It can also be used to describe any similar style of short hair on both sides of your head with some length on top.

The crew cut consists of shaved sides and back but leaves longer hair at the top of your head. The classic version leaves one inch or less (2 cm) all around.

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How to get the crew haircut?

This haircut is designed for men who want to look cool and sexy. Men with thick hair will benefit from this style, as it’s easy to manage. This particular haircut can be done at home by following these steps:

  • Use a razor to shave the side of your head.
  • Use a clipper and start at the top of your head, cutting it into a crew-cut shape.
  • Part your hair down the middle and comb it forward with pomade before styling with a blow dryer


We can see that John Stamos’s hairstyles are getting more and more popular. The crew haircut is a clean style that suits everyone. It’s easy to get and maintain, it doesn’t need too much styling or products, and it works with all kinds of hair types. If you want to try the crew haircut yourself, just be sure to ask your barber for a medium length on top with a slight fade on the sides. It looks great when styled up or down—just-style according to your preference!

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