Ja Morant Hairstyle

Ja Morant hairstyle is very popular among the youth. This new fad has been sweeping around the nation and is considered to be one of the best hairstyles in 2021. The Ja Morant Hairstyle is free form dreads, which will make your hair look natural and fresh.

Who is Ja Morant?

Ja Morant hairstyle

Ja Morant is a professional basketball player who plays for the Memphis Grizzlies of the NBA. He was drafted by the team in 2019 as their second pick, just after Jaren Jackson Jr. Ja Morant attended Murray State University and played for the Racers. In his only year with the team, he led them to an NCAA Tournament berth, where they lost in the first round of play. His professional career has been nothing short of amazing as he is averaging over 20 points per game this season, which puts him among some tough competitors such as LeBron James, Stephen Curry, and Anthony Davis.

Hair in Spanish
Hair in Spanish
Jo Morant short hair

Career Highlights:

  • NBA rookie of the year award in 2020
  • Lute Olson Award, 2019
  • Consensus first-team All-American (2019)
  • NCAA season assists leader (2019)
  • Lute Olson Award (2019)
  • Bob Cousy Award (2019)
  • OVC Player of the Year (2019)
  • OVC Tournament MVP (2019)

Ja Morant Hairstyle name:

Jo morant cornrows

Ja Morant has a simple and trendy haircut which is called free form dreads it is also called the cornrows hairstyle. It is a short hairstyle that will not take much time to set and maintain. Although it is simple, this haircut has been seen on the heads of many pop stars such as Lil Wayne and Lil Durk. It consists of knots or small braids into natural-looking hair, which also gives you an option for colorization.

Ja Morant starter locs

Ja Morant has also styled his hair in starter locs. To get the starter loc The starter (AKA “baby”) stage of the loc process can last anywhere from three to six months, depending on your hair type and how fast it grows.

There are several styles—such as braids, two-strand twists, comb coils, and palm rolls—that you can choose from to start off your locs. This is the stage where you’ll begin to create a parting pattern if you wish. You could also always opt for a freeform look, where you don’t “cultivate” or control section size and simply allow your hair to be. Either way, it’s important that you don’t create sections that are too small, as locs can break off if they’re too thin or too dry. 

Want to hold your style after a haircut? Or you want to style it yourself the next day?

If you have recently got the Ja Morant haircut, American Crew Forming cream can help you keep your hair in place (Medium Hold). Because of its unique formulation, this cream can hold your hair and keep it from falling out of style for hours on end. Apply generously to your hair after a wash. You may apply the product as many times as necessary throughout the day.

How to get Ja Morant hairstyle:

Ja Morant hairstyle

The hairstyle is simple to get, in the sense that it does not require much effort. There are many people who have been sporting this look, and you can also try out as well. It will suit your personality and make you stand apart from other individuals with regular haircuts. Just like any other style,  you need to set aside some time to get this one. There are many salons that will offer you the dreadlocks style, and it is best to go for a professional touch as well.

Ja Morant Ponytail backside

-First, you want to make sure that when your hair is completely dry. It can be wet, but should not have any dampness left in it. You don’t want the dreads to fall apart or unravel later on, so this is an important step.-

Ja Morant dreads

-The next thing is two things of equal size like pencils, chopsticks, or wooden spoons. These are used to create loops in the hair that will eventually form dreads.-

-Now take a section of your hair and twist it around one of these items until you get a tight loop like this:

Ja Morant two strand twist

-Once you have a loop with your hair wrapped around it, use another section of the same amount of hair. This time, instead of wrapping it all together like a regular braid, just make one small twist and then wrap it tightly around the first loop until you are down to the bottom.

-Repeat this process till there is no hair left. Finish the dreads off by tightly twisting them again and using a rubber band to hold all of your hair together.

Ja Morant dread color

-This style is better suited for people with shorter or medium-length hair, as it takes time to create enough loops you need in order to start forming dreads. If you have long locks, then there are other ways to do dreads that will work for you.

-The best way to maintain this hairstyle is by adding more hair into the dreads every few months. You can also use wax or other products if you want a different style, but using too much of these products could damage your scalp and cause skin irritation.

Ja Morant funny ponytail haircut:

Ja Morant Ponytail

In one of the NFL games against the Minnesota Timberwolves in 2020, he had a hilarious ponytail hairstyle that was trending on the internet. Later, he explained the reason behind his funny hairstyle. The reason behind this style is that he put bobby pins in the wrong spot and ended up losing two of them during the game, which forced him to do a ponytail!

Ja Morant hilarious ponytail

To Wrap up: Ja Morant is a basketball player who has had an amazing career so far. He started playing at Murray State in 2019 and then transferred to the University of Memphis where he was awarded 1st-team All American, season assists leader, NCAA tournament MVP, Conference Player of the Year in 2020 and Lute Olson Award winner for his outstanding gameplay as well as Ja Morant’s hairstyle that includes free form dreads with different colors. The style suits those people who have shorter or medium-length hair, which requires time to create enough loops you need before starting on forming dreads. It needs more maintenance like adding more hair into it every few months, but too much wax can cause skin irritation if not used properly after following all instructions by your stylist!