Behzinga Haircut

Ethan Leigh Payne, better known by his youtube name Behzinga, is an English YouTuber, streamer, and Internet personality who is best seen for his games, football, comedy, and fitness videos.

Behzinga has a buzzed fade cut where all the hair in the crown area is buzzed evenly and fades into the skin as it goes lower. The buzzed fade haircut boasts a graduated approach to giving him a stylish and cool appearance.

Behzinga Career

Ethan Leigh Payne (born on June 20, 1995, in London) was supported almost entirely by his mother, Ruth, who was a cancer survivor herself. On February 24, 2012, while Payne was still in school, he registered the “Behzinga” YouTube channel.

Behzinga Haircut

He clarified that the name is from one of his favorite television series, “The Big Bang Theory,” in which Sheldon Cooper frequently uses the catchphrase “Bazinga!” Payne tweaked the spelling.

His first content primarily consisted of video game commentaries from the Call of Duty and FIFA video game series. His style of content has developed over time to incorporate football, comedy, and fitness videos.

He is best as a member of the gaming group “The Sidemen.” The Sidemen often collaborate with each other to produce vlogs or football videos. The group has also produced several podcasts under the name “Sidemen Podcast.”

Behzinga Haircut

He starred in a three-episode YouTube Originals documentary series How to Be Behzinga about his struggle with depression and his journey to run the London Marathon to raise money for the Teenage Cancer Trust in October 2020. He revealed that he was previously suffering from alcoholism and had attempted suicide, but he was able to overcome his issues with the help of his fellow Sidemen.

Between 2018 and 2019, he lost 36 kilograms (79 kilograms) when he became an advocate for mental health and talked about the importance of sharing feelings and shattering the stigma surrounding mental illness in men.

Behzinga Haircut

Behzinga has a buzzed fade haircut that has been styled to suit his head shape, and it gives him a stylish and cool appearance. The top is cut short to create a uniform look, while the sides are buzzed low and fade into the skin. This style is perfect for men with thick hair, as it creates a textured look that’s easy to maintain.

Buzzed Fade Haircut

The buzzed fade haircut is a popular style that anyone can wear. The buzz cut fade is a classic military cut and one of the best short hairstyles for men.

Behzinga Haircut

Men’s short haircuts are always in style, and if you want your hair to be faded on the sides, a buzz cut fade with line up is a great choice. Additionally, you can wear this style with several beard cuts, including the full beard, goatee, and even stubble beard.

A buzzed fade is similar to a crew cut or induction cut. However, it has much shorter hair on top and a larger fade. The high and tight fade will turn heads, while the bald fade creates an edgy look that will make you stand out in a crowd. A high and tight is different than an undercut because there’s no longer hair on top to sweep over to one side. 

How to Get The Buzzed Fade Haircut?

The haircut encompasses shaving the back and sides down to triple zero while retaining a small amount of length on top, usually a two or three guard’s worth.

First, choose the length you want and have the clippers on. The Low Skin Fade indicates how high up the head the blend appears in this instance.

Start but cutting the hair on top with scissors, then select your guard and begin taking off all of the hair below that point. For example, if you choose a number 1, then all of the hair below your number 1 will be taken off, leaving only what is above it on top.

Once that’s done, go over it with a razor to create soft edges. Repeat this process until you work your way to the bottom of your nape area, removing as much weight as possible. Be sure not to take off too much as you can always go back and remove more if needed later but adding it back once it’s gone is tricky.

The next step is to take off excess bulk with thinning shears or texturizing scissors-like Wahl’s Texturizing Scissors (pictured below). This will help reduce bulk from thick areas around ears etc., without taking away from their natural shape at all.


This is a professional yet very stylish cut that works well on medium to thick hair and features the buzzed fade haircut. It’s fairly easy to maintain, setting you up with a fresh look over weeks without too much upkeep needed.